How Safe is the Special K Diet Challenge

Have you seen or taken the Special K Diet Challenge?

In today's information technology environment, there seems to be an unending parade of miracle cure diets available, both on and off line.In the interest of maintaining a neutral stance, I am neither supporting nor decrying any particular diet plan at this point, I feel that it is a positive step to identify a healthy diet plan, because the health hazards represented by the presence of obesity, are not a positive influence on your quality of life.

We are not designed, as humans to subsist with the ingestion of a single food source. It is imperative that you attempt to maintain a balanced diet of correctly apportioned food groups, these include proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as fiber for aiding in digestion.You also need to maintain an adequate level of minerals, with the most important being calcium and magnesium.

Consuming a bit of fat in your diet is not as much of an issue as some prognosticators would have you believe.The body transforms the calories present in food into energy for the bodies' requirements, fat is created out of calories not utilized in this process.That is the reason that the exercise component is so extremely importantThe fat content in foods like nuts a bananas is not hazardous, these foods remain desirable despite their fat content.Animal fat consumption may result in high cholesterol, while the fat in virgin olive oil does not, distinguishing between fat types is important.

No matter where you shop for groceries in America, or how you get your visual information , if you are conscious in America,you will be subjected to the promotional efforts of Kellogg,and the Special K Diet Challenge will be visible.The Special K diet Challenge is a based on Kellogg's effort to encourage the Obese in America to correct the situation by substituting one meal a day with a bowl of Special K cereal, or one of the products created therewith, i e Special K waffles, or Special K protein bars. You can try the Special K Diet, however I would suggest that you consult with a nutritionist to ensure that you also consume enough other foods to provide a nutritional balance.

Additionally, it is quite feasible that you will lose weight if you use the Special K Diet.You would be wise to establish however, that the reason that you lose some weight using the Special K Diet Challenge is not due to some secret formula in Special K, but rather due to the decrease in calories which you are consuming.if you undertake the "challenge' just be sure to monitor your remaining food consumption carefully.

The Special K Diet Challenge is published as a promotional program on the Kellogg Website.Kellogg has provided a link for selecting a Special K Diet Challenge buddy, as well as providing an email coaching Service as a part of the available information.The prognosis for success improves for most people when they are able to involve themselves with others who are in similar circumstance.of course many can benefit from the coaching on line which is available as an option,in conjunction with the available email and Facebook based assistance.The plan is really very easy for most people to follow,and may even be a time saver,as it eliminates food prep time for one meal a day,however the most important consideration that we realize, is that common sense suggests a reduction in consumption,and that through the establishment of a plan we gain control.

As always I prefer to mention, that starting any diet,may either result in exacerbating an already problematic set of eating habits, and perhaps even have the opposite effect that you desire. The promotion by a large company, or the sponsorship by a magazines publisher, does not mean something is healthy, If you are not careful, you will not succeed in anything but making yourself less healthy, so ensure that you consult your physician and or nutritionist before you start in a diet. If you will take these preventative steps, you can continue to eat the foods that you like while reducing your aggregate caloric intake to a more reasonable level., and input an exercise routine into your daily routine. You can get additional information by visiting EliKen Health and Fitness.

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(You may find further information divulged by Eliene Teixeira, at her blog, EliKen Health and Fitness.~You may find further information revealed by Eliene Teixeira at her blog, EliKen Health and Fitness.)