How Do You Show Your Commitment?

I find that most couples do not have a vision of their future in place. They do not know where they are going in life. They deal with things as they come up, live pay-check-to-pay-check or floating their lives on credit cards, putting out fires, and mechanically going through their days. They cannot benefit from their inherent synergy and gifts because they do not have a vision of how they want their future to be, never mind a plan for getting there. Going through life without a plan is like going on a road trip without a map, you will not enjoy the ride!

This is a complete waste of a perfect partnership! And yes, you are a perfect partnership even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. You are a perfect partnership in that you complement each other, you trigger each other creating opportunities for growth, and have a vested interest in seeing each other (your team) succeed. No other partnerships meet these criteria to their full extent. Not utilizing the partnership with your lovie to its full potential is such a crime! Everything you need is already built in. Your job is to learn how to use it for maximum results. And, the first step is to know how you want things to be. Have a very clear picture of this for now and for the future.

I know that this may seem unbelievable when you are struggling in your relationship. This might seem far-fetched and unrealistic. But, the way to go about this is to take a look at your relationship by being removed from it by looking AT it and not from within it. This enables you to see the bigger picture. This allows you to see what is holding you back from your vision. Why is there a struggle in the relationship? If your struggle could talk, what would it say it is trying to teach you? What are the lessons in the struggle? What is the stretch? How does it push you to grow up, own yourself, learn new skills, address unresolved issues, change patterns, etc.? For you see your relationship is a path to becoming your Authentic Self. When you start addressing, learning, resolving, growing, healing, etc. you become ready for creating your vision. You achieve the means for manifesting your Authentic Life.

I understand how challenging this is for those of you who can’t even see a future with your partner. I implore you to not worry about deciding on the status of your relationship, nor to worry about the possibility of this. Instead, put that in a box on a shelf to be addressed at a later time. In the mean time, as long as you are still with your partner. I want you to focus on Being with your partner. Give it your all! This is the only way you will either create an awesome relationship or know sooner than later that this is no longer a viable path for you. So, don’t torture yourself deciding, you will know

What does it mean to give it your all? It means you do targeted investing in your relationship not crooked trying. I hear all the time how partners have tried it all. When exploring this the partners did the same old over and over, stuck with their ego, waited for their partner to change, and in a nutshell didn’t really do much investing but wasted time and resources. No wonder they are tired and feel hopeless!

I want you to go at this from a different place. Stop your usual and give to your partner how they prefer to be given, how they like to receive. Focus on what you contribute, what you need to change and improve. Give this your full attention. Tweak and tweak. Do a Groundhog Day on your approach to your relating. You will crack the code.

You have the opportunity and all you need right now to go at this for ultimate results, manifesting your vision creating your Authentic Relationship and Life. Don’t over think it! Just go for it!

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Happy Tweaking!

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