Neither oily nor dry! Do you know what skin type it is called?

Combination skin! Caring for combination skin isn’t as complex as it seems.

The forehead seems dry but the cheeks are oily. The nose is greasy but the chin seems flaky.

Well, this skin type can be troublesome enough in our day-to-day life but no worries, as we have got it all sorted for you!

This ultimate guide on how to manage combination skin tells you what affects your skin and how to treat it naturally!

There are some basic tips one must follow to maintain their combination skin.

Never forget to exfoliate.
Target different areas with multiple masks.
Block your skin with SPF.
Use a toner regularly.
Pay attention to your T-zone.

Let’s dig in some effortless natural home remedies followed through traditions to enhance your skin.

Easy in-house tricks that can treat your combination skin: -

Get a ripe banana and cut it into half. Mix the half banana with one tablespoon honey and 2 spoons of oats.
Mix it well until it becomes a thick paste and apply it on your face for 20 minutes.
Use any fruit peel to soothe down your skin.
Use olive oil as a moisturizer for giving the dry areas on your face the lost hydration and to control excess oil production where needed.

We also have some exciting range of natural products categorized for you to create a proper skincare routine helping your skin achieve a healthy and flawless look. They are:

1. Just Herbs Pomegranate Mandarin, Pore Refining Tonique

A nourishing blend of the steam distilled waters of mandarin traditionally used in Ayurveda for a variety of skin benefits- and Pomegranate extract – a natural astringent that helps loosen and minimize the appearance of skin pores.

2. Junaili Lavender Face Oil

Crafted from Himalayan Botanicals at 7000 feet, this Non-Greasy and Anti-Ageing Face Oil helps Treat Acne and is rich in Omega 6 and 9.

3. Paul Penders Juniper and Yarrow 24 Hours Moisturizer for Oily and Combination Skin

This fast-absorbing gel moisturizer is specially designed for oily skin. Contain natural vitamins to keep skin smooth, supple and resilient.

4. Ohria Ayurveda Avbhasini Face Pack, Dry Herbs Powder for Radiance, Nourish and Frim Skin

Almond powder, Apricot, Chironji, Pure Sandalwood, and Kesar combine in this nutrient-rich skin glow blend to hydrate, nourish and visibly even skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation. Rose petals, Turmeric and Masoor dal firms skin, improving circulation and strengthen tissue.

5. Vaunt Tamanu and Cranberry Seed Face Oil

Tamanu Seed Oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties heal the skin. Cranberry Seed Oil fights free radicals, minimizes sun damage and strengthens your skin’s barrier to give you that youthful glow.

6. Just Herbs No Sun, Moisturising Sun Protection Gel with Jojoba and Wheat Germ

A multitasking sun protection gel enriched with Jojoba Oil, Wheat-germ, and Grape-seed oil along with Green tea extract and Aloe Vera. With its built-in UV protection and age control micro-nutrients, it effectively replenishes skin’s lost moisture and forms a protective barrier to UV rays to prevent sun spots, freckles, and sun-induced wrinkles.

7. Votre Day Moisturizing Gel SPF 25

A lightweight, fast-absorbing gel hydrator developed specifically for the needs of combination to oily skin. Day Moisturizing Gel SPF-25 has a Unique Blend of light-Gel moisturizer with SPF-25; it offers intense hydration. Designed to calm &hydrate, this water-based formula moisturizer without adding oil leaving your skin perfectly hydrated, sun-protected with a non-greasy glow.

8. Just Herbs Fair's, Skin Lightening Gel with Mulethi and Khus

A blend of exotic natural extracts of wonder herbs, this light-textured gel helps to fade away dark patches and spots. Indian herbs Fumittory and Manjishtha help detoxify the blood and boost circulation to fade freckles and skin discolourations, while liquorice and yellow zedoary help control the melanin-producing mechanism triggered by the inflammatory response of the skin to exposure of sun’s UV rays. Vetiver roots promote skin regeneration and rejuvenate the sun-damaged skin cells for visibly fairer and radiant skin.

9. Paul Penders Alpina and Tea Tree Cleansing Wash for Combination to Oily Skin

The natural antibacterial action of Alpinia extract and essential Tea Tree oil, with a soft, foaming formula, gently and effectively cleanses normal to oily skin, while helping to regulate sebum production and reduce blemishes.

10. Just Herbs Livelyclean, Honey Exfoliating Face Cleansing Gel

This everyday use foaming face cleansing gel is enriched with Neem, Holy Basil and Turmeric are known for antiseptic properties. It provides gentle exfoliation with Arjuna, Symplocos bark and jojoba meal, banishes impurities from the clogged pores. It dissolves and eliminates dead epithelial cells exposing the tingling fresh clean skin beneath with the help of Orange peel. Gentle scrubbing stimulates blood circulation which detoxifies, oxygenates and activates skin immunity. Honey helps in maintaining moisture balance in the skin.

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