Have you ever wondered if the pain in your stomach or groin might be a hernia? Although symptoms can differ, hernias are frequent in both men and women. Women are far less likely to have groin hernias. Hernias may cause some degree of discomfort and do not go away on their own.

The positive news. Almost all hernias can be treated surgically. Continue reading this article to know the most typical types of hernias, how to spot them in both men and women, and what to expect from surgery and recuperation.

A hernia is what?
The layers of muscle and strong tissue that cover your abdomen let you move and shield inside organs. An opening in this muscular wall, known as a hernia, enables the contents of the abdomen to protrude outward. Hernias are of different types, but the belly or groin region is where they seem to manifest themselves most frequently.

What Does an Abdominal or Belly Hernia (Ventral) Feel Like?
A protrusion along the exterior of the abdomen may be felt or seen if you have a ventral hernia in the belly area. Patients with ventral hernias frequently report feeling pressure, discomfort, or moderate pain in the herniated area. Any activity that strains the abdomen, such as hard lifting, sprinting, or pressing down during bowel motions, makes pain. While some people have a bulge, they are not uncomfortable.

Who is more susceptible to developing a ventral hernia?
A ventral hernia can occur in anyone, although people who have had abdominal surgery are at greater risk. The scar from an abdominal wall disruption incision will never be as resilient as the surrounding tissue. This increases your risk of getting an incisional hernia, which develops along the incision site. Up to 30% of people who undergo open abdominal surgery experience this.

How can an inguinal hernia (groin bulge) be detected?
It’s crucial to recognize that both men and women can get inguinal hernias. People frequently think that only men develop them, and they do have a higher risk due to anatomical factors. Inguinal hernias can, however, occur in women as well.

Since women typically exhibit different symptoms than men do, many specialists concur that there is a good chance that this ailment is under diagnosed in women. Women might not have an obvious bulge. An MRI can offer conclusive proof if symptoms point to a potential hernia but your doctor is unable to confirm it during an examination.

Signs in Men
a visible or tangible bulge
throbbing pain in the area
a feeling of pressure
a feeling of the scrotum tugging on the testicles
actions that put pressure on the area, such as heavy lifting, pushing, or straining, cause pain that gets worse
Signs in Women
Sharp or aching pain
burning feeling
a bulge at the hernia site, while a groin hernia may not have one.
discomfort that gets worse as you move around
What symptoms indicate a hernia emergency?
Internal fat tissue typically pushes through the muscle breach when a hernia first develops. However, it’s also possible for a portion of the bowel to stick out of the opening. Although the likelihood of this is extremely low, if it does occur, urgent repairs are required.

If you have any of these symptoms then get medical help right away.

a throbbing pain that doesn’t go away when you relax or lie down
increasing pain
vomiting and/or nauseous
difficulty going to the bathroom
rapid heartbeat
What can be done to prevent a hernia?
By eating a nutritious diet and exercising, you can keep your optimal body weight.
To prevent constipation, consume adequate fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
When lifting weights or large objects, use proper form. Don’t lift anything that is too heavy for you.
Consult a doctor if you have a cough or sneeze that won’t go away.
Avoid smoking because the habit might cause coughing that can cause a hernia.
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