It may be that you are struggling with a question. As a local, "Do I really have to carry out company incorporation in Singapore?" One another frequently asked question is, "Can a foreigner register a Singapore company?"

If your business activities are going to generate money, then, "YES!" you will need to open a company in Singapore. Let us see how you can go about it, hassle-free. And, “YES!” foreigners can also set up their Singapore company and own 100% of its shareholding.

In Singapore, the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) governs all the companies. It also acts as the Company Registrar. To start your company, you will need to apply to ACRA.

Procedure for Company Registration in Singapore

The procedure is simple and has only 3 steps in it. You can initiate the process online if you can log-in on the ACRA's portal BizFile+. Or, you can hire a registered filing agent to do the task for you.

In the first step, you register the name of your proposed company with ACRA. It involves checking the availability of a company name. Your agent can help you with it. Send them a list of 3-5 names. They will also pay the ACRA's fee of S$15 and register the available name for your use.

In the second step, you will need to collect all the incorporation documents. You will need to submit the English version of your documents.

In the third step, your agent applies to ACRA to register your company and pays S$300 in fees.

The process for company incorporation Singapore is highly streamlined. It takes only 1-3 days. On the successful Singapore company registration, ACRA sends an email to you or your agent. It contains the details of your newly opened company.

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a reputed registered filing agent and specializes in offering services related to company registration in Singapore. The firm employs experts who keep in touch with you at every step of the task and advise you. They also advise you on the post-incorporation activities like opening a corporate bank account and CPF account.

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