After you have gone through some or all the above-mentioned ways to
identify products to market, your work is still not over. You are still
left with choosing which product you want to go with. Using Amazon or Google's affiliate
network may be very easy, but all that it will help you with is with
giving you options to choose from. You still have to choose, and
if you make the wrong choice you will not only be not earning any
money, you will be wasting your time and effort on something that
is well spent elsewhere.

Choosing these products is an art, you need to have a gut
instinct for it. There are a number of tools that will help you with
making the choice, and we will discuss them in detail later, but
making the final choice is still something that is as arbitrary as you
picking one because you like it. If picking products were totally
scientific there would be no place for you to enter in at all because
everyone else would use the same tools that you want to make
use of and choose products to market. It is because it is not so
easy, and it requires a lot of hard work that there is potential for
the person who is willing to work hard at it. There are a few basics to selling both online and offline that are applicable and the primary among this is that selling is very easy
if you are catering to a need. For example, selling clothes is never
difficult. What is difficult is to sell them at a 300% profit, because
buyers know when they are being ripped off.

Most of the advice you get will be different variations of the
same thing. Find something that people need and start to sell it.
A slight tweak on the same thing would be to find things that
people need, that other people do not sell, and then sell it. This is
just to make your job of selling it much easier than it would be if
there were a horde of others selling the same thing.

The problem is that most of the needs of people are already
met. Not only that, but there are also a large number of sellers
already in the market and finding a spot where you will be alone
is going to be a difficult thing to do.

Taking advantage of changing trends will give you huge
returns in a short time, but there is nothing permanent about it.
You will have to keep finding new things to market and will always
have to be on your toes.

It is simply because of all these difficulties that choosing the product
to sell becomes an art. You make use of the tools available to you to
gather as much information as you can about the product and then take
a call on whether it is a good idea to promote it or not.
Below we will take a look at both what you can do as well as the tools available
to you to help you choose the product to promote on your site.

BECOME an Expert
This takes a lot of time, and even more hard work. The Internet is
amazing in that it basically creates a level playing field for everyone. It
takes very little money to start a website of your own, and if you are not
particular, you can even host your site for free at certain places.
This means that you have just as much of a chance as anyone
else out there to make good. The bad thing is that this increases the
competition tremendously. While in real life, it takes a lifetime of
hard work to not only become an expert in a certain field, but to be
accepted as such, it takes considerably less time online. Yet, this same
factor means that there is no dearth of experts in any field on the net.
You will therefore have to put in a lot of hard work to show people
that you truly are an expert and that what you say is reliable. This is
because most of these so-called experts are not, and all they do is
scrape information off other sites and put it on their own. It does not
take long before people find out that such people rarely have an
opinion of their own and discard them.

The true expert though will not only catch the fancy of the net going
public, but will stay there for a length of time, and even build up a fan
following. Let us take a simple example to explain the point. If you are
going to set yourself up as an expert on cameras, you will find that there
are a number of affiliate sites that push products by saying the exact
same thing, that they are experts on cameras.

However, you invest in some time to build your site up as a
place where people can come to for reliable reviews of cameras,
you will find that pretty quickly there will be a number of people
who do. If you make sure that your reviews are honest and
accurate you are sure to become popular sooner than later.
If you start to sell cameras from your site, you are poised to
take advantage of a lot of traffic that comes to your site looking
for reviews. Even if most of them are only looking for the reviews
but are not interested in making a purchase online, you will still
profit from the few who do.

The reason why the reviews need to be accurate and honest is
because if not, the same people who came to you thinking you were
an expert will go out of their way to tell everyone else that you are a
fraud. You will find bad reviews about your site cropping up all over
the net, and suddenly you have lost everything you had.
This also means that you do not need to go searching for
products to promote. Any new camera in the market that you do not
have on your site is a potential candidate for promotion. There is little
in the way of research or analysis that needs to be done, and all you
must do is to put in a review of the model and sit back.

The advantage of this model is that you have a regular income
stream. Even if you have to do a little maintenance work like
always making sure that your content is current, or ensuring that
you have a new model up on your site within a few days of launch,
everything else runs along pretty smoothly.

The flip side though is that you will not be able to take advantage
of anything new on the market other than cameras. If Apple brings
out its new phone, you will not be able to do anything about it. Having
a site that is too general is not good because you will not be able to
focus on any one product or niche, bringing down the value of your
whole site. You will also not be able to target your market properly
because you really do not have any target market.

Most affiliate sites go with the large online stores because not
only is it easy to become an affiliate, but it is also easier to sell the
products. For example, if you have a site that promotes cameras,
it is much easier to sell these cameras through Amazon or eBay
than through some other site. With the number of scams only
increasing, people are wary of making any sort of payment unless
they know that the site is bona fide.

The second good thing is that most of these online stores
really do not even give a good description of the product, far less
a comparison with similar ones from other brands. This means
that they are just a place where people can buy, but it also means
that people who want to buy will look elsewhere for expert
opinions. If you are the person with the expert opinion, they will
visit you, and if you have been convincing enough, will purchase
the product online thus crediting you with the sale.

For example, you have pitched on washing machines as your
niche; you will find that Amazon stocks pretty much everything
that you can find in your local store, in terms of brands and
models, and then some more.

You have two choices here, you can go with washing machines as
a niche for your site, or you can target specific manufacturers or
even brands to sell. The advantage of doing this is just that you
can focus more narrowly on a particular brand or model allowing
you to go even higher in the search rankings.
Just looking through the most popular list on Amazon will tell
you which model people are buying. This alone is enough
because if people are buying something, it means that there is a
demand for the product. There are a few things that you must do
to confirm whether that particular model is what you want to go

This is the simplest way to check if the product you selected is already
being marketed by other affiliates, and what king of competition there is. If
you see several paid advertisements as well as a number of affiliate sites
coming up high in the display page, you know that this niche has already
been covered and continue your search for your product.
The reason for this is obvious. You will be investing a lot of
time, effort and money in building a site dedicated to a particular
model and if you are going to have to fight it out, it will take you
that much longer to start seeing any returns. Going in for
something where the competition is lesser is a better idea.

This is the stage where most of us find ourselves. Most new
niches are already taken and finding one where there is little to no
competition is not as easy as it seems to when you read about it.
This means that you must probe your competition to find out
exactly how good your competition is.
For example, let us take it that you are interested in selling
washing machines. You are confident about selling them because
you know that there is a need for them. Everyone needs a
washing machine. It only remains to be seen what the competition
is like.

Searching on Google shows you that that niche is taken. There
are a number of affiliate sites that deal with washing machines and
some of them are actually quite popular and not only give you a good
review of different washing machines, but also have a rating system
that lets you compare different models.

If you search on Amazon for the bestselling washing machine,
you will find that it is the Haier HLP23E. Yet, when you search
with this “Haier HLP23E” as the search string, the results are
completely different. You get six results in the display page and
we will restrict ourselves to the first page alone.
In this first page, you will find that apart from Haier's official
company site, there are six affiliate sites. Yet, out of these six
there is only one that offers anything approaching a reasonable
review of the product. Most of the other sites either give you a
general description of the functioning of a washing machine, that
you really don't want, or give you the features of the machine that
you can get from the company site directly.
All the sites offer customer reviews but barring one all the
others have between two and five reviews, which is really not
good. Even the one site that has what looks like a promising
review by a customer looks like it has been written by a
professional article writer rather than an actual user.
This fact immediately shows you how you can improve on your
competition. When you come down to this level, you will be able
to identify products that have lesser competition than others. Yes,
it is not a totally empty niche, but there are possibilities that are
worth exploring further.


You will also find tools that will supposedly help you find weak-
nesses in your competitor’s websites. These tools are generally paid
and will do everything from checking the keyword density to
checking if your competitor has the ideal address in his URL.
The effectiveness of these tools is debatable, but then it is
something additional that you can try if you want to. If you can do
all the research yourself, it is probably the best, but where you
cannot, you will have to rely on tools, even if they are not as good.
The one thing that you need to remember is that all the pages
that have made it to the first page on Google are those that have
Haier HLP23E in the URL itself, which shows you how important
it is to target specific products.

Identifying products is all about legwork and although we have
taken Amazon as the basis of our search, this can be done in
many other ways.

ClickBank and Google's affiliate network gives you a list of all
the products you can promote on your own site. All you must do
is to sign up with them, and this information is made available to
you. The sign-up procedure is free, and if you go through the
procedure of finding products and marketing it, you find that it is
one of the simplest there is.
You can search by product categories or you can go with
specific keywords. If you want to go with the categories, you will
get a list of all the products including the “vendor's pitch” which
gives you relevant information about the product. This information
may often not be enough, but it will at least help you shortlist likely
products. You will have to do further research before you choose
individual products.

The stats button shows you how much your commission is for
each sale and the promote button generates a Hop Link that will
link your site to the vendor's. This is the link that you will have to
use in your site, as if you copy the URL of the vendor, you will not
be credited with any traffic you drive to the vendor.

Such a simple process has seen them grow tremendously and
they are one of the more preferred affiliate vendors in the market.
When compared to online stores, they also offer much higher
commission rates, meaning you earn more. The difficulty though is in
you making the sale. Everybody knows Amazon and is comfortable with
purchasing from them. When they must give out their credit card details
in other places though, many people will refrain from doing so meaning
that you will find selling that much more difficult.
Going with the products that have several affiliates is a good
place to start off. The more the number of affiliates, the more the
chances are that that product is a large selling one. This is a different
take on aping your competition, and your whole strategy is based on
the simple fact that if everyone else is selling something, and making
a profit out of it, then you can as well.

Yet, this logic is not without its pitfalls. Just because a particular
product has a few affiliates, it is no guarantee that you will be able to
sell the same product. It also means that the competition is already
stiff and breaking into the market is not going to be easy.
Moreover, all the juicy sounding URL addresses would have
already been taken which will make it more difficult for you to get
the product name into your address. This is especially true of you
are going in for a totally unrelated product from what you are
selling now or are starting out new.

The other way is to look at the products with the maximum
commission and then figure out a way of driving sales. Unfortunately,
this is easier said than done, and in many cases the commissions are
high and the competition low because making a sale is so difficult.
The second thing that you will have to think about is that you can
drive any amount of traffic to a particular site, but unless the home site
is written well, no one is going to buy the product. For example, if you
become an affiliate to sell eBooks for someone else, however much you
do your part, unless the home site itself has something that will make
the people you send, buy the product, you are not going to get any sales,
and all your effort will be to waste.

Going for the sure shot ones, like the ones that have a lot of competition is better,
because if you work hard enough and get the ranking on your site up, you are at least guaranteed success. If you go for the hard to sell products, you cannot be sure
that even after all this effort you will make any sale.

Many times, the affiliate site will offer all the promotional tools
that you will need, like page banners, informative articles, and
even email promotions. Of course, the articles cannot be used as
is, but you at least have all the basic information about the product
to help you create a wonderful sales pitch.
If you find a seller that does not do this, it is better to stay away
from them. This is because it shows that they are not serious
about marketing online. It also means that you will have to put in
that much more effort at marketing their product and their
commission may not justify this added effort.

Most search engines offer free keyword tools that you can use to find
related keywords. There are also other paid software programs that will
help you do the same thing, but with increased functionality. While
usually these tools are used mainly to find related keywords, they are
also useful to find the most often searched strings.

This process is time consuming and takes a long time but will give
you solid information to move forward on. For example, if you feel that
washing machines are a good option, just typing washing machines into
the tool will give you all the related search strings that are being
searched for, their local and global numbers for the month.
This gives you an approximate idea of the number of people
searching for a particular product. For example, if you type in York- shire
Terriers, you will get several results that range from more than 80, 000
to less than 2,000. You therefore know that there are at least 80,000
searches for the Yorkie on average every month.

On the other hand, if you put in Labrador retrievers, you will find that this
number triples. It is obvious that there are more people searching
for them than for the Yorkie.
This gives you a good baseline to start off on. While looking in
online stores like Amazon may give you similar data there are two
advantages of using the keyword tools that search engines offer.
First, you get actual numbers of the number of people
searching for a certain product while all Amazon can do is tell you
which products sell the most. While you may be more interested
in promoting products that sell more, you may be losing out on a
good opportunity to convert sales.

Amazon gives you data for sales converted, while Google gives
you data about potential for sale. There may be innumerable reasons
why there may be more people searching for a product than there
are buying it, and one of them could be that the sellers are not doing
a good job. This gives you the opportunity of entering a market where
even if there are other competitors, the competition is really nothing
much to talk about.

The second advantage is that Google offers you the ability to find
niches that are yet untouched. While this may be difficult and may take
a lot of time, the possibility at least exists with Google, while with any
other way this possibility is not an option at all.

Of course, doing random searches will mostly be a waste of time.
You will have to approach it in an organized manner. The way to do this
is to brainstorm and note down as many niches as you can come up
with. Then go through Google with all these niches one by one. If you
hit something, good, if not you continue the same process.

It is simply because this process is so time consuming that many
people prefer to go with the affiliate network or check on online
stores. Yet, doing this is still not useless as if you do get lucky and
chance upon a niche where there are a number of people searching,
but very few people selling, you are on to a sure thing.

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