Erectile Dysfunction: Exercises Rather Than pills!
Known to prevent urinary desire in both women and men, Kegel exercises would give an effective - and above all long-lasting - alternative! - Fildena and the like to manage erectile dysfunction.
Indeed, an experiment conducted in Great Britain allowed two participants to choose their lasting erection difficulties and one in three to improve their enlarged functions.
For the research, randomly selected 55 men with erectile dysfunction for at least six months. Half of them had to do Kegel exercises and make lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, decreasing alcohol consumption, and losing weight. The other half formed the control group, encouraged to make the same lifestyle changes, nothing more.
Kegel exercises consist of stimulating the pelvic floor muscles, more precisely the ischio-cavernous and bulbo-cavernous muscles. The latter defines a great part of the base of the penis. Its function is, among other things, to keep the blood flow during erection and to "pump" the sperm at the time of ejaculation. It is also he who, by reflex, leaves the urethra at the close of urination.
Pelvic floor muscle exercise
To ensure that pelvic floor muscle exercise was adequate, the first group's men took advice from a physiotherapist. They thus learned the quick form of Kegel exercises, which consists of getting these muscles with intensity to stop the evacuation of gas by retracting the penis and, together, lifting the scrotum. Partners had to perform the exercises twice a day to improve the ischial and bulbo-cavernous muscles' strength.
After three months, it identified a notable improvement in erectile function in the first group parts, which was not the case in those of the control group. Use Fildena or vidalista 60 to treat ED. The men in the first group continued to exercise at home for added three months, while through the same period, those in the control group took the exercise in turn.
Six months after the study's start, 40% of the participants had improved their normal erectile functions, and 35% had received a notable improvement. Also, 65% of subjects who encountered concurrently urinary flow following urination saw this difficulty resolve.
In light of these results, the study's authors recommend that these exercises are now among the first treatments given to men with erectile dysfunction.
How to practice Kegel exercises
Contract the pelvic region 10 to 20 times, keeping the contraction for ten seconds. Do not get the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.
Breathe calmly.
Release the contraction for ten seconds, then begin again.
To be practiced 3 to 5 times a day.
In the short form, one should get and relax the pelvic floor muscles as soon as possible.
yoga poses to improve physical stamina
Yoga originated in Asia, especially India. Its popularity has skyrocketed in the western world over the past 20 years due to its various benefits. Yoga is a class of spiritual exercise that connects the body and the mind. It includes a series of testing poses that relax the mind through meditation and tone the body's muscles. The result is a feeling of renewal and peace. Yoga can be especially beneficial for physical health. Here are the nine best yoga poses to strengthen your love life:
1. Sarvangasana
This is an intense yoga pose that requires lifting your entire lower body and abdomen so that your whole body can rest on your shoulders and head. This is an inversion pose as the legs are above the head, and the head is resting on the floor. Preferably, it should place the hands on the lap belt. This pose improves blood flow to the thyroid gland. The result is increased thyroid function. This pose's goods include high power levels due to a higher metabolism and deeper breathing to excite oxygen supply.
2. Uttanapadasana
This is a simple posture where you lie on your back and raise your more profound core at a right angle. This pose strengthens gastrointestinal function and is identified to relieve constipation. The gastrointestinal part is necessary for health as it is responsible for supplying strength to organs throughout the body. This pose is known to help improve transit.
3. Kandharasana
This pose requires lying down off the floor and gently lifting your abdominal areas higher so that only the legs and headrest on the floor. This pose increases physical abilities in both men and women. In women, it increases the ovaries' functioning, while in men, it boosts sperm generation. Ayurveda experts suggest it, especially for couples likely to infertility.
4. Paschimotasana
This pose is easy and involves touching your toes while putting your head between your knees while sitting on your yoga mat. This pose helps strengthen gastrointestinal function as it excites metabolism. In men, it can also successfully relieve problems regarding premature ejaculation. Also, it excites the production of sperm and makes the sperm more important.
5. Gomukhasana
This pose includes sitting with your legs crossed, which is the typical initial study pose. After that, your two hands should meet behind your back, with one arm reaching over the shoulders while the other falls under the shoulder next to the waist. Once the two hands are in touch, it should leave them without letting go. This pose is beneficial for patients suffering from a hernia. Tadalista and vidalista 40 are also used for impotence. As the pose focuses on the abdominal area, it also stimulates the respiratory system, liver, and kidneys. Another benefit, it offers better control of ejaculation in men.
6. Bhujangasana
This pose consists of lying on your stomach and merely raising your upper trunk while your hands are placed on the floor. It is especially beneficial for lower back pain because it stimulates the back muscles. This pose also helps with neck pain. Other benefits include improving ejaculation in men as it strengthens and improves the blood supply to the heart.

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