A domain name is nothing but the website name that one enters into the browser they use to get easy access to the website. This domain names in all ways can be called the identity or the face of the website. Research has clearly shown that websites with attractive domain names tend to get so much more traffic compared to the ones with boring assembly line kind of domain names. The domain name needs to be funny or attractive. The best domains are those that have a personal connect and are capable of communicating the entire idea of the website in one word.

Domain names can easily registered from a number of websites that are into domain registration. These websites have a number of domain names available from .com .net .in and now here are domain names that end as .biz .org etc. these domain names are basically registered after the person willing to register them gives in very basic information like his name, address and other basic yet important information and then pays the fees that goes into securing these domain names. A person can register the domain name for a year and upwards, depending on his will.

The most famous ways of finding a website is still search results from various search engines and so it is advisable to have a search engine friendly keyword. Usually search engines pick up one or two worded websites quickly. There are chances that these short names even aide the process of mouth to mouth marketing as these are easy to remember and so choosing a perfect domain name can be a balancing act between being attractive and SEO friendly. There are many tools available online that help choose a perfect domain name based on the number of hits a keyword gets.

As mentioned earlier there are a number of domain names (.com, .net etc.) that can be used but choosing the most appropriate name is essential as it can make a perspective customer love you or leave you. For example, Imagine an Ecommerce website ships worldwide but uses a domain name .co.uk; this will leave a negative impression in the minds of the customer in the US as he will try to find a local competitor who will help him save on shipping and taxes. It is thus essential to have a domain name that makes it easy to remember and relevant.

Domain names also have to be one that can be easily integrated into the logo, if needed and marketing materials. It is also advisable to check verify and get reviews of the service provider when one is looking to register the domain name with an online website; there are chances that these websites register the name in the name of the issuing authority and not the one who actually books it. Such issues can create conflict and certain trade mark or even patent violations at a later stage. At times these websites also do not allow the users to freely transfer their domain names.

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