Do you know how to change your behavior? What are the steps needed to change your behavior?

We all want to change some behaviors or habits from time to time. For ambitious people, they tend to have many behaviors that they want to change or improve in themselves. Let me ask you something, do you exercise? Do you eat lots of fast food? Do you have problems in your social life? Are you shy? Do you want to alter them?

Behavior Change
If your goal is to learn how to change behavior, follow the below steps:

1. Recognition

Watch yourself and how you act in life. Beware of how you react to situations until you find a bad behavior that you want to change. You will find that you have some behaviors you don’t like or behaviors that cause problems for you. Recognize those behaviors as recognition is the first step.

2. Decision

After you recognize the bad behavior you want to change, it is time to make a decision to get rid of it. If for example, you watch a lot of television, then decide to stop. If you want to quit smoking, get cigarette case out and destroy it. If you don’t eat healthy food, decide to start eating healthier.

If you recognize a behavior that you want to change in your life, then you need to make a decision to change that behavior.

3. Knowledge

You might want to change a certain behavior that keeps annoying you, but don’t know how because you lack the necessary knowledge that you need to have in order to change. What you need to do in this situation is to gain knowledge through reading and educating yourself.

4. Slow steps

Some people want to change a certain behavior drastically, but unfortunately they go back to their old behavior slowly. An overweight person could go on rigorous diet, loses weight, but at the end, reverts to his old weight.

A person who wants to quit smoking, might stop smoking for a few weeks or months, but at the end, might go back to smoking.

This happens all the time, therefore, slow and steady steps are more important than taking drastic and huge steps. The more slow steps you take, the more you and your subconscious mind will absorb these small changes.

5. Practice

You have to practice, so the new behavior gets ingrained in you. Practice makes perfect as the Roman proverb says, “Practice is the best of all instructors.”

6. Continuity

To continue with the new behavior is necessary. Your behavior will not last if you stop or neglect the steps that you took to change your behavior.

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