How do we move forward?

Does anyone have any idea how much potential we have and why we don’t use it? Does anyone have any idea that there is no reason at all left in this world? Does anyone have any idea on how to change this and what it is that we have to change? And one final question do you have any idea why you are not living the life that you want?
These are just some of the many questions that must be answered by all of us but most times we don’t really want to know the answer or we think it is too hard to answer.
Let’s start at the beginning. This is about removing limitations. How many people truly believe that we really have the power to be limitless? So let’s start by looking at why we believe that we have limitations.
On a whole most of us have more self-doubt than we want to believe? Why is that? Maybe, it is to do that we rely on outside authority, did anyone ever teach us how to think for ourselves? No. Not even by the people who loved us. The government is responsible. Now before someone says you can’t blame everything on government, let’s just take a look first at government and then we can decide. We truly need to understand how we got here and then we can decide how to get out of here and into the lives that we always wanted.
Again, I am going to ask more questions. If someone came up to you and asked you for money to kill someone else would you do it? I would assume that you would say no but we all have done that. How? By paying taxes. The gov’t has the right to rule over us because we have decided that they have that right. Even if you oppose everything they do to you they still have the power because we give it to them. Gov’t is a religion in every way. Gov’t has rights that mortals don’t. It is not restricted by the rules that apply to mortals. It issues commandments and if you disobey you are a sinner. The faithful have great faith in Gov’t. As a gov’t person “I am acting on behalf of gov’t”. It has commandments called laws and these laws aren’t just the threats to humans. They are a decreed of a super human deity and if you want the world fixed this is what you pray to.
Would this happen if we realize that we are limitless? Would this happen if we believe in ourselves?
How many things does gov’t do that we would never do if we were a self-leader. Would we kill people? Would we rob people? Or poison them, or lie to them, send them off to war, spy on them, or rape them?
Let’s look at this another way. Can you give someone else a right that you don’t have? And I am sure that you were say no, of course not. Well how about you and a friend, can the two of you give someone else a right that neither of you have? Now a question to get to, how did Congress get rights that do don’t have? How did this happen? We came to this belief by having blind faith beliefs smashed into our heads starting before we could even talk. We were taught to believe, that there’s this thing called authority. This is what we were taught, we were not taught that we have unlimited potential.
Most of us literally feel physical discomfort and fear at the thought of disobeying anyone in authority. Most of us can’t say no I am not going to do that, it goes against our years of programming and indoctrination of their training for us to think “if you do as you are told your good and if you don’t you are bad. Every day in school we were pounded that the measure of your virtue is how well you obey authority. You are either good or bad depends if you follow or not, it makes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do.
Now imagine each day that you start to realize that you are limitless, that you can achieve anything and that you will live the life you always wanted to.
I am not scared of the O’bama’s and the Hitler’s, I’m scared of the thousands or millions of people that hallucinate them to be the “authority” and carrying out their orders, police, soldiers and the ones who will always follow them.
How can we trust them, the ones in power to be in a position when they can forcibly run other people’s lives?
Who takes more of your money criminals or gov’t? How many murders do private citizens commit as oppose to gov’t. Last 100 years over 270 million human beings were killed by their own gov’t not counting wars. How many of those people could have been ones who could change the world?
We are the ones who must take this first important step. Why us? We are the ones who believe that we are limitless, we are the ones with Neothink. Nothing can stop us but ourselves. We have to set aside this blind faith long enough to think about things like where is the reason, logic and common sense. To back up enough to say maybe “gov’t” isn’t even legitimated at all? It will take a lot of people to wake up to these different views that know, those people in D.C. don’t have the right to rule.
Their threats aren’t “Laws”. They’re just threats. Their demands aren’t taxes, it’s just extortion and that really feels like heresy because it is, it’s heresy against the god called gov’t.
Nobody who understands self-ownership and understands why authority is bogus, wakes up the next day and says, suddenly, I think I should do whatever the gov’t says. I think humanity is just beginning to wake up to what it’s supposed to be. People living in harmony, people being happy, caring for each other and loving each other. Humanity wasn’t meant to be a domesticated species, owned by a ruling class. We should be living in a world where every human being owns himself.

Author's Bio: 

I am a Life Coach, Public Speaker and Mentor for the Neothink Society.