TENS is a pain-relieving treatment that involves the application of small electrical currents to the skin. The electrical currents are generated by a small, lightweight, battery-operated device, and lead wires transport them to self-adhesive electrode pads that adhere to your skin.

You'll feel a non-painful tingling or buzzing sensation when using a TENS unit, which can help block or reduce pain signals. In most cases, two electrode pads are placed on either side of the painful location. This allows the TENS machine sensation to cover the painful area.

To treat a broader area of pain, four electrode pads might be used. A rotating knob or dial will allow you to alter the strength (or 'volume') of the current that passes through the electrodes. If your hand movements are limited, some machines offer larger controls that are easier to use.

Adjust the current strength till the TENS tingling feeling is intense but not uncomfortable. You'll also be able to change the current pattern and pace to make the TENS experience as comfortable as feasible. Many TENS machine online are computerized and feature pre-programmed settings to assist you in selecting the ideal settings for your discomfort.

How do the TENS machines work?

TENS machines are available at pharmacies and on the internet without a prescription. Request a referral to a physiotherapist from your doctor so that you can give it a try. Your physiotherapist can explain how to operate the equipment appropriately and encourage you to try TENS for a few hours each day until you're comfortable with it. You might be able to borrow one for a short while.

After that, you'll be instructed to use TENS daily anytime you're in pain. Because the effects can be transient, even if they last for hours, this is the case.

Because TENS is safe, you can use it as much as you want, though it's a good idea to take 10-minute pauses every hour or so. TENS can be used for more than five hours per day by some persons.

It might be useful to get a TENS machine for home use. Before you acquire one, check sure the company will refund you if it doesn't work out for you inside a specific time span (as long as the machine is in the same condition you purchased it).

TENS machines aren't all that different in terms of quality, so buying a cheap, uncomplicated gadget shouldn't be a problem. TENS equipment is usually VAT-free if you sign an exemption declaration form before buying it (usually provided by the supplier).

Before purchasing a machine, make sure you understand how to use it and where the electrodes should be placed.

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