Businesses, more so the ones that deal with perishable goods and foodstuff need refrigerated couriers so badly these days. They need to keep the items in best conditions while in transit and reach them out to the customers the way they will expect them to. Businesses use them to keep things moving from one place to another without really soiling them, but would seldom try to understand what goes on behind the scene, to make things work.

They realise the need to transport their products and stuff in conditioned temperature, but will seldom try to dig deeper, and they cannot be blamed for that. As long as their purposes are solved, what’s the use of digging deeper to know things behind the scene? However, the fact is, a little bit of behind-the-curtain knowledge will do no harm. In fact, it will, on the contrary help make the most of these refrigerated transport services. 

What are the components? 

At first, you need to know the components of the refrigerated couriers in Brisbane or anywhere else. The principle behind a refrigeration system is to get rid of all the heat and maintain a cool and steady temperature. Here is a sneak peek into the components.

The Compressor…

It is driven by a small engine, which the reefer unit comes up with. At first, the compressor draws in the gaseous refrigerant and then compresses it. Because of this compression, the gas inside turns into a liquid, while the liquid refrigerant releases the heat from the surface of the compressor and the surrounding area.

The Condenser… 

This device is designed to receive the liquid from the compressor. When the liquid goes from the compressor to the condenser, it remains warm and this prompts an exchange of heat within the compressor. 

The liquid loses heat, which is dissipated to the inner wall of the tube and then from there to outside, into the fins that are attached to the tubing. The fins provide more surface area for the cool air from outside to be drawn through the fans of the condenser.  The technique is more or less similar to the ways a radiator cools down an engine of a vehicle.   

The Evaporator…

The evaporator is generally located in the trailer of the refrigerated couriers. The refrigerant, which has by now lost most its heat to the condenser, has been transformed in a cool fluid. Now, the fluid makes its way to the evaporator through a specially designed metering valve, which acts as throttle and controls the extent of cooling.  

Meanwhile, once the refrigerant reaches the evaporator, it expands and turns into a gas. As the gas passes through the entire system, it absorbs all the heat from the adjoining finned coils that surround the evaporator and transfers the heat from the air that flow over the fins into the refrigerant.  

Therefore, the trailers of the cold couriers in Brisbane are, after all, cooled by releasing some of the heat to the evaporator. The entire mechanism keeps on repeating, until the desired temperature is attained.

These are the basics behind of the cold couriers, which ferry goods from one place to another in conditioned temperature.

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