A lot of great and ingenious devices exist out there. Some of them like the smart lock are really essential. They make you think about how your life would be without them. Smart locks are on the usually the top of the bunch. The smart lock allows you the freedom of ditching your keys while enjoying the convenience of managing them wherever you might be. Smart locks work in a smart manner and let's go over it.

How do smart door locks work?

Smart door locks

allows the opening of doors without physical keys. They are keyless door locks. You use a smartphone app to control it remotely. There are also various models and types that have numeric keypads on the locks. This allows you to enter your unique code if there is any. In addition to that, the smart lock can connect to a Wi-Fi Network. This means that it can receive a smartphone command or code to unlock or lock the door. There are smart locks that need you to replace the entire lock system while others will work with the existing one with a few modifications.

Why you need a smart lock?

Your physical house key can lock and unlock your door and that is about it. However, if you are looking for something much simpler but smarter, then the smart lock is the one! It makes your home safer and life easier. These are in terms of:

Complete Front Door Control

Your smartphone now acts as your key with a smart lock. No need to drive dangerously and rush home to reach before your quests. You can now log onto the app wherever you are and unlock the door.

Codes Greater than Keys

No need to tear your hair or pour down the contents of your bags while stuck in the rain. The keyless functionality allows you to unlock the door with a code or just via the smartphone app.

No more key copies

Since you use smart locks, there is no need to make a copy of your key for every member of the family. It is also safer than having several keys lying around the house. This helps a lot against burglaries.


If you leave your home in a rush to go shopping or catch the bus, there is no need to have a worried feeling all the time. We always have that feeling that we forgot to lock the door. If you ever forgot, then smart lock sends you a notification. As such, you can lock it thanks to the app wherever you are.

Additional Benefits

The smart lock allows you to know who's coming home or going out. It is possible to have up to 30 access point for your family and friends. The system is 'smart' and will keep a log of when which code was used. This is helpful in case of theft. You get a notification every time a code is used. Most smart locks also have cameras. As such it helps against the threat of package burglars. It also helps you track deliveries and much more.
For special guests, temporary passwords can be made to make you look cool. The smart lock is the way to go, not having one makes you feel less modern.

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