We happen to live in a quick fix society and today people spend a great deal of time, energy, and money looking for the “magic pill” that will make them a winner. Lotteries. Being discovered as the next great actor. Winning an amazing trip on a game show… So how come that never happens to me, you might ask?

Well, the truth of the matter is that it only happens to a very small percentage of people. So, don’t fret, you weren’t born under an unlucky star.

So what exactly is the trick to becoming successful? You might be surprised to learn that to be successful you have to learn to fail. And fail well. Now, what the heck do I mean by that?

As you’ve probably heard before, people like Donald Trump, T Boon Pickens, Tony Robbins, all had success, then lost it, then gained their success again.

It makes sense that you will want to read a book, listen to a CD or take a course in the hopes to find the answer you’ve been missing that will finally put you on the top where you deserve to be. The key is to listen to the right answer, not to the “magic pill” answer. And typically, every book audio or course will offer that answer on some level.

So what is the “magic pill”? It’s so simple that you may not like the answer. The key that makes successful people successful is based on four simple steps:

1. They have a passion or desire towards reaching their goal – they can’t see anything but the outcome of having achieved it (or, they are in so much pain about their current situation that they want to change it for the better).
2. They make a clear decision to go after their goal.
3. They take action towards their goal every day.
4. When they hit a roadblock (and it looks like failure) they readjust their methods and keep moving forward.

How can the answer be that simple? It is because it works every time. It’s the amount of effort and energy you put into it that makes the difference. There is no quick fix but there is a fast fix for success. And it’s momentum. When you start any task or objective your continued efforts are going to create massive momentum.

And when winners fail then don’t quit. Here’s a new way to look at it: when you misdial a phone number you don’t give up after the first try. Why? Because it’s not that risky and you know eventually you’ll get it right. So you keep trying.

Yet with bigger goals when it starts to look ad we give up, right? Wrong! Successful people don’t give up. They find new ways to go after what they want. Most people who don’t succeed often give up not realizing just how close to the finish line they really are.

Here are some tools to get you there even faster:

- Build a group of people who you can check in with to gage your progress – Let them know what you’re up to and get their feedback, suggestions, and support. This helps you hear yourself say your intentions out loud and often gives you increased clarity.
- Support them in their efforts – This helps you strengthen your own esteem while benefiting others in their goals. You begin to become someone who acts from strength and drive.
- Stretch yourself – Take new risks to broaden yourself. By putting new challenges in your life every day you become someone who is no longer afraid and up for any challenge. Your risk taking will actually become more fun.
- Contribute – Giving back to the world makes you feel like a powerful contribution and lets others know that you are someone to take notice of. Your spirit and generosity in your efforts will help to strengthen and empower others to follow your lead!
- Find a mentor – Seeking someone who has accomplished goals similar to your own is the surest way to get some great insights to your true path and direction, making it easier for your to reach your goal. The secret is to ask. Let others know your intentions towards your goal and you’re likely to be introduced to someone who’s mentoring can encourage and benefit you.

The simple difference in successful people is that they involve and include others in their dream. Going after anything alone can make you lose passion, focus, and drive. Think of it this way, painting a new home or room by yourself is just no fun. Having a pizza party and inviting your friends to help you paint makes the task fly by and you’ll be building that success muscle in no time.

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Author's Bio: 

Craig Copeland is an author and a speaker for several years and has recently begun speaking at seminars through his company the Reach Now Institute based on his new book "Finish What You Start": Unlocking The Success Secrets of the Top 1%.