During normal days, you can send money through any of the available options in the market such as banks, money exchange, demand drafts, wire transfers. During the time of emergency, you might be in a hurry and also the person on the other side is expecting the money as early as possible.

Even though these many options are there, but all of them are not faster. Options like demand drafts require more time than the time money exchange takes. The reason behind the delay is its processing methodology. The transaction duration is also high because the demand draft needs clearing time.

If you choose a bank way of overseas money transfer, the transaction time is relatively low but the procedures are cumbersome. In banks, you mush need to have an account to initiate your overseas money transfer, which is said to be a major drawback.

To avoid all these obstacles, you can prefer money exchanges. These foreign exchange follows a pretty short procedure in sending money abroad. The processing time is deliberately low compared to the banks and demand drafts. It is also possible to transfer your money in these currency exchanges without having any account there. Another one great benefit while using this money exchange is its exchange rates. In banks, the exchange rates are low compared to money exchanges. The currency exchange can able to provide higher exchange rates through their live tracking of the foreign currency exchange market.

During emergency conditions or lockdown-like tough situations, these foreign exchanges continued to provide their service on the online platform. Not only outward remittance or overseas money transfer, services such as foreign currency exchange, buying and selling foreign currency, buying and selling forex cards also possible with just a few taps through their online portal. Along with these facilities, the exchanges also offer virtual customer support. You can get their help whenever you want and complete your transfer quickly.


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