HP printers are awesome until they start troubling you. Numerous elements make printers vulnerable to errors. Well, the best cure to resolve the issue is resetting the printer machine. The need for resetting the HP printer emerges due to several reasons, as resetting is part of the troubleshooting process. Resetting might be the best solution for you.

hence, found themselves in a confusing situation. “how do I reset my HP printer”.

The term “reset printer” is not just about restoring the default settings, it has various other meanings too. But various factors triggered users towards resetting.

Why Do We Need to Restore HP settings?

Here below are some of the reasons which caused the resetting of the printer:

  • You have changed the internet modem or service provider
  • The wireless access point or default settings of the router has changed
  • You may have bought the New printer which needs to be set up
  • You may be facing Offline Error with HP Printer

Although, some errors also might force users to reset the printer such as:

  • HP printer error 79
  • HP printer paper jam
  • “Printer fails to respond to the print request” Error
  • HP printer continuously failed to make the connection with wi-fi

Moreover, if the printer goes offline issues are not fixed, the need for resetting the printer arises.

Reset HP printer

Hard reset HP printer

Hard reset method applicable to the LaserJet, Desk Jet, Photo Smart, and Inkjet models of HP. To start the resetting follow underneath steps:

  • Turn ON your printer and unplug the USB cable from the backside.
  • In case of ink cartridge used to print, remove the cartridge by opening the device cover
  • After removing the cartridge, you will see the Missing ink cartridge error on the screen
  • Now remove the power cable from the HP printer and wait for at least 2 or 3 minutes.
  • After that re-attach the power cable and let the printer starts automatically.
  • Now place the removed ink cartridge by opening the cover panel.
  • Finally, plug the USB cable and your HP printer is ready to use.

Restore HP Printer’s Factory Settings

The factory reset the best solution to restore the HP printer settings. To do that, follow underneath steps:

  • Start the HP printer and press the Menu button from the machine menu.
  • Now, roll up or down with the printer icons and select the Preferences option from the rundown.

"Preferences' option, search for 'reset all menu settings' or 'Tool' followed by Restore factory defaults.

  • At last, select Restore Defaults and OK option to restore the HP printer to default settings.
  • After completing the process, you will see the confirmation message.
  • Now you can set up the printer and use it as per your purpose.

In case, the process fails to bring the HP default settings, try to contact HP Customer Support Service Phone Number USA.

Restore Printer's Network Settings

Below given steps will help you either you want to reset the printer network settings or want to access the setup mode.

Note: Once the printer is reset, all the network and other settings will vanish. It will suggest to set up the HP printer again before demanding a print job.

Restore Network settings without a Touch Screen

  • Press the X button or directly press the power button to start the device.
  • Next, press the Wireless and Cancel button together for a couple of seconds, or till the power light and wireless LED turn into blue lights
  • After this, your device is done with resetting and ready to use.

However, just as HP printer, you can reset the server settings of the server by below-given steps:

  • Turn off the HP printer device and make sure that its cover is closed properly.
  • Next, check the power cable of the printer whether it's plugged properly or not.
  • Now, press and hold the GO button on and then hit the Power button.

Note: Press the power button till all the LED light up

  • After that free, the GO button and all LEDs will turn off.
  • Lastly, press GO button 6 times to make sure that all the LED of the printer works properly

If you feel the above manual steps are way too complicated for you, connecting to the HP customer service is another alternative to get instant help via HP support. All you need to browse the official website of HP support. There, you will get plenty of options for help such as help via HP phone number, HP support community, social media pages, also with HP’s virtual agent. Apart from incredible products and features, HP is equally known for its support services.

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