How do I know if my ex boyfriend still loves me? This is a question a lot of women ask themselves after breakup. When you break up with your ex boyfriend, it is likely he still loves you and want you back. No matter how he tries to hide this fact, you will still be able to know the truth. You can detect if your ex boyfriend still loves you or not only if you know the signs he gives off. I will be revealing certain signs that will show you if he still loves you or not.

As much as possible he will definitely try to hide things. He as well will be trying to maintain his pride and so, there is no way he will directly tell you that he wants the two of you to get back together.

Does your ex boyfriend often visit places of relaxation where you like visiting? Has he made it a routine to visit those places? You need to take note of this. It is a huge sign your ex boyfriend still loves you and so can't stay without seeing you. He is definitely still interested in you.

If your instinct tells you someone is following you when you are walking the street on any ordinary day. However whenever you look back, you saw no one, there is no doubt that your ex boyfriend is the person behind this high joke.

Does your ex boyfriend still call you occasionally even if it's just to say hello. This shows that he loves to hear your voice frequently since it means so much to him. This is a sign that your ex boyfriend still loves you.

How do I know if my ex boyfriend still love me? If he calls you on your special days; for instance, your birthday, then he is just implying that you are still top in his mind and that he has not forgotten about you. This is a sign that your ex boyfriend is still deeply in love with you and will want to get back together.

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