Question: How do I get the mind to serve the Infinite?

Divine Mother: The way to assist the thinking mind (ego mind, small mind) to serve Dharma, to serve Love, is to surrender (which I believe you are saying, just using a different word), to surrender the ideas to the heart intelligence.

When you surrender the ideas, you are actually offering your idea. You are offering your plan. The small mind is saying, “What about this? Would you like me to start a business? Would you like me to call ten people? What about this?” rather than, “I’m going to do this, and this, and this, … and I am going to become rich and powerful and I’m going to….” – all of the places the small mind can go, all the reasons and all the excuses and all of the power of babble that it climbs.

But instead, the small mind has grabbed a thought, has an idea, and then it brings it to the heart and lets go. Then the heart can respond by either saying, “Yes, this is brilliant,” or “This way is better.” The trouble most human beings have with the small mind is in the letting go and surrendering. This is where the difficulties have arisen for people who have very brilliant Divine Ideas, but the small mind grabs and runs with it; the intelligence of the heart is ignored.

It is a simple reference. You will learn to let this happen very spontaneously, very easily. At first you might have to remind yourself to do this, but as you work with it, you will be constantly referencing. You can reference Ram, you can reference me (Divine Mother). Again, this is where you reference your Divine Friend, whoever it is. This is a way to get the habit of the small mind to let go and surrender to the larger intelligence.

A very good question, because it is the crux of all the problems. We know of many people who have brilliant ideas. This has been down through history, we have given great ideas to great leaders who have not surrendered the idea back to the Divine, but instead have ran with in and owned it, made themselves emperors with it, and then the whole thing collapses, because it isn’t based on Dharma, it is based on fear, the small minds fear.

That is what has happened. You all probably have many references to that, individual and historical. There are those who haven’t done that and they have created great civilizations, or great families, or great organizations. We want to say that this has not always happened, it has just been prevalent in the last several hundred centuries.

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