"How do I get my husband to pay attention to me?" This is a common question that many women find themselves asking at some point in their marriage. It often seems that when a couple settles into the day-to-day routine of raising children and maintaining a household that the relationship between them begins to suffer. If you feel that your husband is focused on everything but you, it can leave you feeling frustrated and rejected. Unless you take action to change the situation, things may get worse and divorce may actually be on the horizon. If you love your husband and want to keep your relationship strong and fulfilling, there are ways you can make him start paying more attention to you.

When you have been asking yourself the question of how do I get my husband to pay attention to me, have you considered being less available to him? This is a tactic that many women use when they are in the dating stage of a relationship and it works just as well, if not better, once you're married. When a man knows that you'll always be right there and that you're devoting your life to him, he's going to naturally become a bit complacent. If you're so focused on your marriage and your family that you've lost sight of your own interests, now is the ideal time to change that. Do something that will get you out of the house a bit more. It can be anything from window shopping with your girlfriends to taking a class. Once you show your husband, through your actions, that you've got a life of your own he's going to start paying more attention to you almost immediately.

Another great bit of advice that can help rekindle the spark of your relationship is to pay more attention to your spouse if you want him to do the same for you. You may not even realize that you've starting neglecting him because you feel he's neglecting you. Make an effort to pay more attention to him and you'll likely feel him opening up and doing the same for you. Sometimes we have to make the first move if we want to improve our relationship.

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"I want to know how to keep my husband interested in me," is a phrase many women think about on a daily basis. There's no denying that most marriages don't remain in the honeymoon phase for all that long. The pressures of raising children, tending to work and juggling financial commitments can take its toll on virtually every relationship. Partners can find themselves drifting apart and inevitably the marriage begins to suffer. If you're facing this situation with your husband don't give up hope. You can reclaim his attention and his love and actually create a closer emotional connection than you two have ever shared before.

When I was thinking about how to keep my husband interested in me I knew that I had to do something to refresh the relationship. It's easy to fall into the trap of living a mundane existence after the wedding. Be spontaneous and do something that your spouse would never expect you to do. It might be to plan a weekend getaway to his favourite place or arrange a special dinner at home just for him. The key is to think about his interests and then create a plan based on that. He'll appreciate the gesture and love you more for it.

You should also take care to not lose who you are in the relationship. As women we often dive headfirst into our roles as wives and mothers. During that process we may let our own passions fall to the wayside. Although it's important and admirable to be committed to your family it may actually make you a little less interesting to your husband. He wants you to have your own life and interests in addition to contributing to the family. Find something you love doing and share the details with your husband. He'll love seeing you passionate about something and it will make you that much more interesting to him.

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Do you think you can make a guy fall in love with you, but you're not really sure how? Have you been told what a great woman you are, yet you're still single and it's time you found a true love? Do you want to put an end to the single life and embark on a strong and loving relationship? Here's what you can do to work your way into his heart.

Start by getting rid of the notion that sex is the only way to get a guy's attention. You can't deny it'll get his attention, but it won't be with love in his eyes or any intention of building a relationship with you. It'll simply be for sex and then he'll move on.

It's his emotions you want to touch on if you want more of a romance. While guys do ultimately want to get you into bed, they have the ability to wait and build a connection with you first. So start there. Get to know him and let him get to see the fabulous woman you are. You have plenty to show him and you should build up a little admiration on his part.

In the end, a truly loving relationship is built on mutual respect and admiration. During these first few dates you want to build on that, but you want to do it in a fun and relaxed fashion. Don't turn your dates with him into serious interviews. Asking him a ton of questions and finding out a bunch of trivial things about him aren't going to help build that connection.

It's the time you put into it that will really bring you two closer together. Ensure there's a sense of ease that surrounds you. Whether you're strolling through the park, driving down a country road or dancing the night away at a nightclub, avoid bringing any tension in the mix.

This means you shouldn't have your future plans for this relationship hanging over your head. If you're too intent on forcing a relationship to grow, you'll be missing out on what's going on. Have fun and let the love grow on its own. And while you're having fun, don't forget his need to enjoy himself as well. If you've already begun to pester him because he's not romantic enough or you're pointing out that he forgot to do something or other, you might be putting a strain on him. Take it easy and look at the qualities he has instead of tripping over the little flaws.

When he's having fun with you and he feels great about the time he spends with you, he'll come to realize that he's falling in love with you.

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Are you trying to get him to fall in love with you? Do you have several dates with this guy under your belt, but you still feel the relationship isn't moving anywhere? Have you been trying to act nicer than usual, but he's still holding back? Guys sometimes take their sweet time when it comes to showing their affection, but that's not always a bad thing. Love takes quite a bit of time to grow. Check out what you might be doing to hinder that process and what you need to do to make it happen.

One of the biggest things that can keep a guy from opening his heart is the pressure he feels to do just that. Look at it from his perspective. Would you really want someone badgering you to feel something you're not yet sure you feel? That can be uncomfortable and downright unpleasant.

Keep the fun factor your main objective every time you see him. That's what will awaken his senses and make him realize he loves being with you.

Most women simply look at what they want out of a relationship; the love, security and knowledge that someone is always thinking of them. Naively, we assume men want the same thing. Some even bring this further by telling a guy he should want the same thing.

Imagine, telling a guy he should be in love with you, he should want a relationship or he should enjoy being with you. All the shoulds in the world aren't going to make it happen. You need to bring something to the relationship that he won't be able to resist... and no, simply throwing sex into the mix isn't going to do it.

Look at the relationship and think about what he needs in this. Even if you don't agree, it is still what he needs. Are you up to the challenge of offering him that?

Then admire him and show him that you respect the man he is. Make him feel important and like a man when he's with you. Appreciate the things he does for you and recognize the good man you have on your hands.

If you don't, and insist simply on pestering him for what he lacks, someone else might sweep in and make him feel what you can't. Ask any guy what he wants from a date and the main response will be fun. He wants to have a good time with you and he needs to feel a sense of ease just being around you.

He'll never turn away from you if you offer him all he needs. In fact, he'll fall in love with you.

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