There are so many reasons to be angry and miserable aren’t there? Lately I have encountered so many people who are just plain angry and spewing nasty and hateful things, everything from judgment on others to judgment on the government. These people seem to function angry all the time and yet say they just want to be happy.

When one of these folks says to me they just want to be happy and they are working towards being happy but all this stuff gets in the way, I stop and wonder at that perspective.

Everyone has bad days.
It’s true, even the sunniest of personalities has a bad day now and then, it is normal and healthy. I myself can be, what my husband calls, a little ball of hate; I don’t like it and I generally take out that nasty energy with journaling or in an online game for a bit. The reason I do that is because I discovered that my truth is that happy to me is full of laughter so I choose that. To me there are so many reasons to be grateful and happy that living an angry life just doesn’t suit me. That said, my definition of happy is not the same as yours or anyone else’s for that matter.

I completely understand wanting to be angry, I have a whole list of things I can whip out at a moment’s notice to toss in as fuel for the raging blame thrower and on really bad days I sit and rant it all out in my bathroom cause bathrooms are where I go to flush away the stuff I am all done with so to speak. Mostly when I look at my list of things that leap to the fore front of my mind when I have a bad day I realize they are all things that actually make me sad because they are things that, in the end I didn’t have much control over and was helpless in the maelstrom.

My helplessness brought on fear which created rage/anger/blame. I let that all pass through me freely to get to that quiet space where I can find me again. In that space I can see clearly what is causing me distress and to find some small thing to be grateful for and as soon as that happens, everything shifts for the better. For me, when I find a way to laugh through the tears or the anger or the frustration I am choosing to let joy heal me instead of rage and anger. I choose that bubbly feeling that comes with laughter because….laughter just feels good.

What is your happy truth?
It seems to me that if you don’t know what actually makes you happy, how can you manifest it? Or how will you know if you have manifested it? Take those angry folks, we all know a few, I’m willing to bet that their definition of happy is closer to my definition of angry, in other words they are happy and comfortable being angry. That can be hard to admit since it doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ and it is easier to not face that about one’s self so those folks go around saying they are trying to be happy but don’t know how or life gets in the way as something always happens to make them mad or sad and so on.

Life happens.
The kicker is that life goes on, shit hits the preverbal fan, jobs are gained and lost, lives are born into our world and lives die out of our world. We all have moments of easy times and then ones where things are really hard. All around us all the time there are things going on that can be either negative or positive. I know firsthand how brutally hard it can be to find a positive in a tragic event, yet it is possible and to me it does not diminish the tragedy or disrespect a loss. Finding the positive or a moment of joy or laughter from something tragic is a beautiful choice to honor the event without getting lost in the pain of it.

We all have different coping mechanisms and for some anger/hate are the only ones they know. If your truth definition of happy is one thing and you are walking around living/manifesting something else it is time to make a choice. The truth is you can’t actually live your happiness if you don’t know what it is, and once you know you have to face the truth of whether or not you are actually manifesting it or crippling it due to fear and self-destruction.

Choose your happiness.
It is key to identify your truth in what makes you tick, to find your happiness, face it, accept it and then choose it if it suits you or choose to change it if it doesn’t. The choice is, and always has been, yours to make.

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