How do I get an accurate psychic reading online by Beth Shepherd, international Worldwide psychic reader.

Yes you can go onto your computer and type in various keywords that lead to websites that claim to be offering you a psychic sitting, but finding one which also offers one which is accurate as well as online is very hard. My name is Beth Shepherd and I am a leading psychic. There are far too many sites nowadays which are scams or run by people who are out of their depth and not able to deliver the goods, even if they like to think they are able to, and are honest when they say that. For example, you can come across a housewife who has set up their very own free site, using one of those free site builders, done in an amateurish and quick way because they do not want to spend on a proper site and web designer, and they are only setting the site up to make money. They see it as a way to make money easily and quickly with no outlay if they cut corners and leave out the bits that the true professionals like Beth cover.

Yes you can get an accurate psychic reading online if you swerve such housewives and go to the real thing, but only someone with an eagle eye and experience in such things would easily be able to tell the difference. And unfortunately there are too many people looking for a freebie or some sort of great bargain, so they see how cheap it is and are drawn in, without stopping to think about why it is that cheap and how ridiculous it would be to work at such a cheap price if a true professional like Ms Shepherd who takes their work seriously and does it full time. Only a full timer will get it right. It is impossible to do it well if just doing it as a hobby now and then. Same as with most things!

Yes you can get an accurate psychic reading online if you look hard enough. If you search and search but you need to know what to search for, not just any site which is the right colour or has a pretty face or a cheap price.

The other thing is that some will say the reading is accurate only if it tells them what they want to hear. We recently had an incident where a lady had a very good and accurate reading from us, it told her the truth, but she did not want to hear that her boyfriend had no intention of returning to her and she got angry when she was told this. She dealt with it by insisting the session was untrue and calling the reader, Beth, a fake. She tried to demand she get her money back on the basis that this would prove it was untrue and that her boyfriend would return. She was the type who would go from one online psychic to another until she heard what she wanted to hear and would then say that reader was wonderful! This is totally unfair on any readers good or bad. And it is why some of the less brave online psychic readers, people who are not as brave and honest as Ms Shepherd, tell people what they want to hear. Because they don't want the arguments and hassle and time wasting they would get if the person complained after the reading is done!

An accurate psychic reading online should be exactly that - accurate. Not telling you what you want to hear and sweet talking you into dreaming of a happy ending which is not going to happen. It might cheer you up and give you hope but it is cruel to promise you something which will not happen and eventually when the truth sinks in you feel far worse than you would if you had been told it quicker.

A true and genuine psychic online should have a reputation which you can rely on, an established person who has been around a fair a bit of time would have that as proof that you can trust what they tell you. They would be able to prove how accurate they are themselves this way, so if they tell you that no the lover will not return you may feel very sad about it but at least you know the truth because the accurate sitting told you that and can decide where to go with it from there.

An accurate psychic reading online is therefore hard to find. You have the hobbyists who do it for beer money and hope it will turn into a gold mine and you have those who would tell you what you want to hear for an easy life... even if it is all lies. Unfortunately most do not last long, I have been around many years many drop by the way side after just one year. They realise that the cost of their site and being available and the difficult clients is not worth it for the little they get and many run at a loss and get nothing at all. Then they cut their losses and go back to cleaning or shelf filling - the hobbyists always have a bad work background where the idea of getting a small amount per online reading sounds like an enormous sum in comparison. Where someone like a doctor or accountant would laugh at what an online psychic earns and say they are far better off sticking to their original career if money were the objective!

A true and helpful accurate psychic reading online will be about taking care of someone but doing it in an honest way. This may mean telling them things to do not want to hear. But often bad news can be turned into good news.
If you tell a woman that a man is not returning and you do it in a healthy and correct way she will learn where she went wrong and find a way to change his mind or move on to another man or consider herself better off without him and being single instead. An accurate reading can really help you.

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