A business lawyer is one of the first persons you should hire irrespective of how big or small your business is. Many businesses, especially the smaller ones, ignore the need to hire a lawyer. This largely happens due to two reasons. Firstly, they do not feel the need to hire a lawyer and secondly to avoid the additional cost involved. Sadly, they realize this business mistake only when it is too late. It is suggested to find a good lawyer as soon as you get started even if you are starting a small business. Here is how you can find a good business lawyer for small business in five simple steps:

Shortlist Business Lawyers near You

You may be required to meet your lawyer frequently and discuss matters of business with him. It is thus recommended to look for a good lawyer near your place. You can begin your search by looking for lawyers in online legal directories. You can sort business lawyers near you for a better search. You may even seek one from your professional or personal network. You will get good feedback of the lawyer this way which will help you take a better decision. Many legal help sites such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer also provide contact details and ratings of business lawyers to ease your task. Look at all the available options compare them and shortlist the ones that match the parameters set by you.

Meet the Shortlisted Business Lawyers

Once you have shortlisted few business lawyers from the long list available, it is suggested to meet them personally to interrogate them and assess whether they are capable of handling your business matters. Many lawyers arrange free consultation session with their potential clients. Enquire about their educational qualification, experience, the number of cases they have handled so far, number of cases they handle on an average in a year, their success rate and discuss matters pertaining to your business and how they shall be a valuable addition to your firm. This will give you a clear idea about what they have on offer for you.

Know about their Network and Associates

You must inquire if your potential business lawyer will work solely on your project or does he have links with law clerks, paralegals and other legal associates to help him accomplish the task systematically while he focuses on the main issues. Also, ask if he can refer you to some other good lawyers for matters that do not fall in his area of expertise.

The Mode of Communication

Enquire about the mode of communication he shall prefer moving further. You ought to know whether he would be available to meet you in person to discuss various legal matters pertaining to your business every time you need help or would he rather prefer providing most of the consultation over the phone or via email. It is important to know this as there may be times when you might just require a quick suggestion over the email or call and there may be times when you may require discussing something in person. A business lawyer who is flexible and can work as per your ease is always better.

The Fee Structure

Lastly, you ought to discuss the fee structure. Enquire how they charge. Do they charge per consultation or take a lump sum amount per month/ quarter to handle all the legal matters related to your business. Compare the fee structure of different business lawyers before drilling down to one.

We hope these small tips help you pick a good business lawyer for your small business. Good Luck

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