Translucent Powder in simple terms called as setting powder or finishing powder is a must-have makeup item.

You can use the setting powder to set your makeup perfectly after applying makeup cream, foundation or even liquid based makeup products.

Usually, the setting power should apply as a final step and the main advantage behind the use of the powder is that the makeup you put on your face will last for hours.

Like any other makeup items, the translucent powder is also available in different shades. You cannot buy one without understanding your skin tone.

Firstly, you should be clear about what finishing powder shade looks perfect for your skin and then go for it.

If you are confused about choosing the right shade of translucent powder, here I have a guide for you to choose the right shade of translucent powder.

Choose the Right Shade of Translucent Powder

Before you choose the translucent powder, understand the benefits in the powder first.

You do not need touch ups to make your makeup stay for long hours when you apply the translucent powder.
There is no need of hardly rubbing off on clothing to prevent your makeup
Your foundation looks flawless with translucent powder

You cannot choose translucent powder either too light or too dark. The too light shade of the powder gives you an awkward appearance while the too dark shade powder turns your foundation with some streaky looks.

If both light and dark shades of translucent powder might give the result you didn't look for, then, what could be the solution for better results?

Here is the simple solution. Ensure to purchase the translucent powder in shade that is well matching with your foundation shade.

You may find it difficult to find both the setting powder and foundation in the same shade. That’s an obvious feeling. But, fortunately there are foundation and translucent powder available in the market that work better together.

In this case, you skip purchasing foundation and translucent powder under two different brands and look for purchase both in one makeup brand. So that, possibly, you can avail both in shades that work better together.

The above said advice is not just a personal piece of my advice as India's top makeup experts suggest the same. No matter what skin tone you have, using the translucent powder in shade that matches your foundation shade is a better way to make full benefits in the powder.

Is There Any Such Brand Offers Both Foundation and Powder in Same Shade?

Yes, there are too many top makeup brands in India that offer such combinations. Out of which, I recommend MARS Cosmetics.

Why MARS Cosmetics?

MARS Cosmetics is one of the very few among top makeup brands in India that sells highly tested makeup items at affordable range.

To buy products from MARS Cosmetics, you don't need to spend thousands of rupees, as the makeup brand offers best items that are under 500 INR only.

MARS Cosmetics Matte Translucent Loose Powder

MARS trend setting loose powder comes with a silky powdering feel, a great choice for getting the smoothen texture.

The loose powder is available in four different shades such as Banana, Soft Light, Brightening and Matte Translucent.

The setting powder comes with so many handy benefits such as lasting upto 8 solid hours, gives a very smoother finish, no white cast will be left and importantly it’s lightweight powder.

The ingredients added in the powder are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. So, it won't cause any issues to your skin.

The biggest plus is that the MARS trend setter powder comes in two different variants such as matte and shimmer variants. So, according to your choice of the variant, you can pick from MARS cosmetics online store with 100% safe delivery.

When you buy the translucent powder from MARS Cosmetics, you can also look for their Foundation products that exactly match the translucent shade you chose.

MARS Cosmetics offers Foundation at affordable price ranges in different shades. There are possibilities that you can avail both that are designed to work better together.
You can keep in touch with the customer support team at MARS Cosmetcis and confirm that the foundation and setting powder you are going to place an order will give you better results and good for your skin tone.


A simple takeaway from the blog post is that do not buy two different brands when you need to purchase foundation and translucent powder. Always prefer choosing a single brand and check whether both the items work better together and go for it. That’s the point.

Author's Bio: 

MARS Cosmetics is a young and bold color cosmetics brand based out of Delhi and we constantly aiming to make beauty products better and more affordable.