How Do I Beat Social Anxiety: How To Calm Down From A Panic Attack

If you are in need of help and social anxiety support where can you go and what practical steps can you take to deal with the problem?

One obvious way is to look for help online - after all here you are. By cruel irony, those who are suffering with social anxiety can often find they communicate better through chat rooms, forums and so on. Heading to forums may not offer perfect social anxiety support - in fact it some ways it might confuse as dozens of people describe their conflicting experiences of different treatments. However, it may well help in terms of you feeling better about the fact that hundreds of people are dealing with the same problem. It's very easy to think that you are some sort of unique case, when its thought up to 10% of the population have some form of social phobia.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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You can also head to your doctor. Some may offer you referrals, or possibly prescribe drugs. Individual reactions to anxiety drugs can of course vary and some people do say they feel almost as if they are watching their life through a TV screen. Others do say that drugs can have a genuine positive impact on their anxiety.

The other option is to look at self help. There are different programs which offer online help and support. In order for any social anxiety support method or plan to be successful, it has to involve one thing. It needs to involve some form of brain re-training. Anyone with social anxiety knows that once you get those butterflies in the stomach feeling, nerves, or blushing, then it is almost impossible to regain composure. This is because the brain is in it's very basic "fight or flight" mode. It has assessed something is dangerous to you and mere rational thought won't stop that happening.

This cycle needs to be attacked for a significant improvement for anyone wanting social anxiety support.

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Frankly speaking, on this whole ordeal with panic disorder the medical industry is the only one that's gaining profit. Why? Well, simply because the only healing they have offered to people who seek help from them is a drug. It could have been good if it really works. But, this particular drug is not really helping us eradicate panic disorder. All it does is to alleviate the pain in a short span of time.

We are already informed that in order to completely erase panic disorder from our system we must focus on restoring our weakening nervous system. It is a fact that the major cause of this disturbing condition is our unbalanced nervous system. That only reveals another fact that we can only be freed from the hassle of anxiety attack through strengthening our nervous system and brain.

Anyway, there is no need to worry about that we can always count on natural remedies to lessen the burden of each symptom when it strikes. I am not talking about medications, okay. Medications are actually not helping us in any way. Yes, the pain brought by panic disorder is lost each time you pop some drugs for anxiety; but how sure are you that it is really addressing your main problem? It only masks your symptoms for them to somehow stop bothering you. Yet, you remain worried and uncomfortable that any time soon panic attack might ruin your tasks and social events.

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Nobody wants panic attack when it strikes. Imagine experiencing swirling thoughts, dizziness, chest pain and nausea, all at the same time. You will surely find it hard to hide it from other people. It will also keep you from finishing your task.

But, we have a handful of natural remedies that are always ready to directly heal our nervous system. They are simply natural daily living points that we must not forget to live with. Always remember it takes one person to change his or her food preference, actions and lifestyle. I bet you really want freedom from panic and anxiety.

Then, take this few unique panic attack cures that will follow:

• Stand on your head in a yoga posture. Pretty hard for beginners but could be easily learned, of course. This particularly calms all sorts of mental health problems because of the extra blood flow to the brain which is extraordinarily powerful.

• Manufacture serotonin! This is the kind of chemical that Lexapro and Prozac stimulate. Also, you need to gain strength through buildings blocks: vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and tryptophan.

• A simple walking exercise routine is also good for it can burn off nervous energy.

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Research indicates that as many as 25 per cent of all people have experienced some form of anxiety or the other in their lives. Individual and different types of anxieties have their own specific symptoms and anxiety treatments vary from type to type and individual case to case. One should not postpone seeking help or consulting a medical professional because our society ingrains it within us that only the weak seek help for their anxiety. Putting off anxiety attack treatment can lead to a lifetime of misery. It simply isn't worth it!

If the anxiety attacks are not treated, the anxiety can increase and get worse. Their daily routine may be affected by attacks that are not going away. This must be dealt with head on; otherwise, the person cannot be productive, healthy and happy. Whatever the case, regardless of the type of anxiety attack that you may suffer from, it is imperative that medical advice sought as quickly as possible at the onset of symptoms.

Sometimes anxiety may be caused by using a substance or a particular medical condition and there may not be any need for anxiety treatment and all that the person has to do is to stop using the offending substance to alleviate the problem. In any case, there are anxiety attack treatments that make use of medication and those that are non-medicinal by nature, like the use of therapy, or the use of natural remedies (i.e. acupuncture, herbal remedies, acupressure, exercise, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, supportive, healthy diet, etc.).

Anxiety attacks can continue for a long time, sometimes for years to come. This longevity can be complicated by having consistent attacks. Symptoms include having certain phobias (fears) or leaving outside the home, not wanting to be around other people, feeling suicidal, financial issues and substance abuse. As a result, people can end up suffering from heart disease.

Delayed anxiety attack treatment can lead to agoraphobia (fear of public interaction) - leading to isolation. Panic attacks and agoraphobia are often closely connected as these disorders exhibit identical symptoms such as shortness of breath, the sensation of dying or going crazy, and the feeling of having heart attack. This is when a sufferer goes through life where it appears as if they are not living their own life but are instead merely watching. This is also known as derealization. These feelings will grow stronger and eventually the sufferer will pull away from any form of social interactions.

Delaying treatment can worsen your condition may create further attacks that may become more frequent and lengthier than ever before. In addition to that, anxiety attacks are linked with depression, thereby; these disorders left untreated can cause the sufferer to become even more depressed. Depression often develops from a person's exhaustion caused by chronic anxiety that typically accompany anxiety/panic attacks. Experiencing a constant depressive state as well as fear will break down anyone making the victim feel inadequate and it is not uncommon for thoughts of suicide to emerge. Studies have shown that people who suffer from panic disorders are far more likely to attempt suicide than those who do not. Research indicates that 20% of panic attack patients are likely to commit suicide, as a result of depression.

One of the many bodily changes that can happen due to stress is an increase in the production of adrenal hormones. That increase causes most of the unpleasant symptoms associated with panic attacks. It also creates nutritional deficiencies. When a person endures long-term stressors, these nutritional deficiencies take a toll on his health.

When under stress from any physical or emotional stimulus, many changes take place within the body, upsetting its natural balance. Researchers claim that stress contributes to as much as 80% of all major diseases.

Research indicates that some feel that nutritional deficiencies and related body chemistry imbalances in thousands of American are caused by chronic anxiety attacks. In some people with anxiety or excessive or unrealistic worrying, chronic muscle tightness and spasm and loss of sleep, there may be also an underlying calcium and magnesium deficiency or imbalance.

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If panic attack treatments are not sought, stress also can empty the body of the B-complex vitamins important for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B-5 is known as the anti-stress vitamin. Vitamin B-6 affects both mental and physical health. Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause depression, digestive disturbances, hallucinations, moodiness, and nervousness. Folic acid helps alleviate depression and anxiety. Long-term stress weakens the body, making it more susceptible to disease and exacerbating anxiety symptoms.

Chronic misuse of alcohol and other unhealthy substances is often a coping mechanism that people use to combat the negative side effects of panic and anxiety disorders. As long as the anxiety attack treatment is avoided, and anxiety attacks continue, the chronic use of these substances will exist.

Over-dependence on anti-anxiety medication to control the symptoms of anxiety attacks can be a problem - because, although it is not the same as addiction - the person does not seek healthier, more effective panic attack treatments - that actually may get to the underlying cause - and maintain or improve health.

The overall appearance of a person who experiences constant anxiety attacks sometimes changes to a worn, anxious, exhausted look. Years of poor sleep, repeated negative thinking, constant underlying fear and anxiousness can make a person look years older than they actually are.

Heart failure, ulcers, bowel diseases, immune deficiencies, and other stress-related diseases can shorten a person's life - if anxiety attack treatment is not started - as soon as it becomes a problem.

In the final analysis, it is best to seek professional help for attacks, and then work on yourself by utilizing natural remedies that are available as a long-term solution to achieve complete wholeness and wellness. Don't let time rob you off a youthful, healthy, and happy life! Get the anxiety attack treatment that you need now!

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While most of the sufferers of panic disorder have it randomly. Some of the panic disorder sufferers have their episodes of panic disorder at night. We call it nocturnal panic disorder.

Well, no matter when and where a certain episode of panic disorder strikes, what counts most is that the root of this problem stems from one common base and that is an out of control nervous system. This condition is also caused by our lack of value to our health.

As to the issue of treating this chronic condition, we have an easy remedy to that. Though, people who have this so called nocturnal panic disorder have a therapy that has slight difference from the normal treatment done by most victims of panic attack. It is slightly different because nocturnal panic attack sufferers must have extra treatment especially done to address insomnia. Insomnia by the way is one of the many symptoms of panic attack. I must say, it is one of the most distressing symptoms of panic attack.

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I'm telling you, controlling your nervous system is the best way to finally free yourself from this disturbing condition. That could only be possible by means of natural methods. This natural method is basically all about major changes in your way of living namely: dietary changes, lifestyle changes and of course these changes should be assisted with some natural supplements. Now, who says we can't get control over a nervous system on the loose? With a strategic natural plan for nocturnal panic attack, that is just a myth! Go ahead and take this list of remedy as part of your lifestyle from now on.

• Get yourself into a deep and sound sleep. For nocturnal panic attacks just take any of the following natural supplements: 5 HTP, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, chamomile, and valerian root at night. Make sure to follow the instructions before taking them.

• Avoid occurrence of panic attack at night by doing physically challenging activities in daytime such as: walking after dinner, deep abdominal breathing exercises and simple yoga postures.

• Do more deep breathing and relaxation at night specially before going to sleep.

• You can also consider these activities: hot bath with mineral salts or just a hot shower.

• Avoid watching TV and using the computer at night.

• Have some light inspirational reading while waiting for drowsiness to set in.

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