The HR department plays a significant role in taking any company forward by hiring the right employees, training them, and retaining them.

The manual processes have driven the traditional hiring model till now, but things are changing rapidly with the latest technology advancements.

Automation in HR is a rising trend because it helps to save time and money. You can get away from manual and repetitive tasks and focus on other complex tasks.

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Recruitment teams are getting benefited from recruitment automation in many ways. Here are the few areas where automation is becoming prominent.

Automation in Screening

Candidate screening is the area where recruitment managers consume most of their time. They want to ensure the best candidate without making too many efforts.

For example, intelligent resume parsing tools
resume screening tools help them evaluate candidates based on their experience, skill, education, hobbies, personal information, etc. RChilli offers one such tool backed by AI and machine learning for quick, accurate, and scalable parsing solutions.

The chatbot is also another area that is increasingly used in the pre-screening stages. The chatbot can now interview the candidates autonomously and ask them relevant questions based on their resumes.

Social Recruiting

Hiring has become competitive nowadays, and there are more passive candidates than active candidates. By leveraging social hiring, it is quite easy to find candidates who are already using social media channels rather than to advertise on job boards and wait for the candidates to apply.

Hiring teams can hunt for these candidates on social channels and make their pipeline ready for future needs. Being active on social channels allows HR managers to link with potential candidates.

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Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding the area where most of the manual tasks are done. These tasks may include collecting documents and verification of them. Even though automation cannot automate all the tasks, taking advantage of the application to upload the documents online would save many hours.

Recruiting automation can truly improve your high-volume recruitment and make the experience more pleasant for both recruiters and the job seeker.

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