Dogs are sometimes prone to worm infection. They are highly vulnerable to worms and intestinal parasites. Dogs act as a breeding ground for worms. This type of parasites has some health effects on your dog. So, it is essential to discover and eliminate worms on any occurrence .failure to do this can lead to higher costs of treatment and can even result in the death of your pet.

So, as a pet owner, you must comprehend how dogs get worms and ways to eradicate them.

What are worms?

Worms are small parasites that stay inside the dogs and feed on them – just like the intestinal parasites. The fact that worms and intestinal parasites are organisms that live in dogs; they do not look alike. You can find them entirely in different parts of the dog's body.

Worms get their name from the small -like appearance on their head, which digs into the wall of a dog's intestinal tract - helping to keep them there. They draw blood from the intestinal walls. They can result in severe anemic problems in young dogs. In most cases, worms are more in puppies. However, they can also be an issue in adult dogs.

How do dogs get worms?

Dogs can get worms in different ways. The primary cause of worms in dogs is breast milk when nursing. Additionally, it can be through the top layer of skin and the mouth. Furthermore, it can be through the placenta before the puppy is born.

It is quite natural that many puppies go through and for veterinarians, deworming of young dogs is an ideal approach and is prescribed for all newborn puppies, whether or not they are infected. Therefore, the younger the dog, the more susceptible it is to a worm infections. So it is essential that you deworm your puppy periodically.

The problem with worms

Anemia is the significant issues that young dogs undergo because of worm infection. This is because the worms attach themselves to the intestinal organs of the dog, sucking out more blood. Too much loss of blood is a sure cause of anemia!

The Female worm lays many eggs every day so that the eradication of worms without medical or professional undertaking can be a challenge. Sometimes, when there are a large number of eggs, it is possible to detect the infection by examining the stool of a puppy. However, this is not that easy.

How to eliminate worms in dogs.

Although handling worms can be a challenge entirely, it doesn’t imply that they are hard to go. There are many ways you can eliminate them.
In most cases, oral medication is a sufficient way to eliminate them. However, you must do post-treatment a few weeks later to kill any hatched remains.


Worms are a prevalent issue in dogs, especially in young dogs. It is a challenge for many pet owners. However, on early detection, worms may not be a bother. Knowing how dog get infected with worms is an excellent step to control the problem.

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