The trauma care department of any hospital tends to chronic injuries sustained in an accident which require immediate medical help. All the leading hospitals in India have a specialised department that is entirely dedicated to trauma and emergency care. The department consists of specialised doctors and surgeons who are available 24/7 and are ready to tackle any kind of problem with a high level of expertise. The patients admitted to trauma care usually include those suffering from chronic joint injuries that are to be tended by specialised orthopaedic doctors who excel in trauma care. In case you are suffering from a chronic spinal injury, you can easily avail for the best treatment in the leading spine surgery hospital in Delhi which is a hub for some of the leading trauma care specialist including Dr. Bharat Bahre.

Trauma Care surgeons treat a variety of problems and conditions related to the musculoskeletal system which include the bones and the joints as well as other structures related to these. Trauma and orthopaedic surgeries have helped to change the life of many patients by offering timely treatment. The doctors usually divide the work into two categories i.e trauma and congenital and degenerative conditions. As far as trauma care is concerned it involves sending to problems like fractures, dislocated bones and other such types of injuries. Congenital and degenerative conditions, on the other hand, include deformities that are present since birth or the result of any abnormal change in the body. These also include problems with the spine. The leading spine surgery hospital in India has a department for trauma and orthopaedic care where such problems are treated.

Trauma and orthopaedics doctors and surgeons are trained to treat adults as well as small children including infants. The patient is fully examined and subjected to a number of tests and screenings to detect the problem and its adversity as well as to determine a proper medical protocol to be undertaken. The type of treatment to be undertaken depends upon the adversity of the patient's condition as well as his age and the nature of the injury or problem to be treated. In Delhi one can find the most efficient healthcare facilities and that too at affordable rates, this is the reason why a lot of foreign patients prefer to undergo joint replacement surgeries like ankle replacement, hip replacement, and shoulder joint replacement in Delhi. Apart from these, partial and total knee replacement in Delhi are also quite popular.

The various treatments used by trauma and orthopaedic doctors include the following:

Arthroscopy - it is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a special instrument known as an arthroscope to examine, detect and treat various bone and joint injuries. The procedure involves the use of optic fibre to illuminate the affected area as well as a microscope camera to generate live images on a huge screen. This enables the doctor to examine the affected area with higher precision and accuracy and also helps him to deliver the treatment more effectively. Arthroscopic surgery is usually used to repair damaged tissues as well as to remove fragments of cartilage and torn ligaments that can otherwise lead to inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Bone fracture repair - bone fractures are a very common part of traumatic injuries and can be very painful. The severity of the fracture may vary from person to person. Whereas in some cases the fracture can be easily treated by using a cast, in case of chronic fractures the patient may even require surgery. The doctor me first take an x-ray to determine the severity of the fracture and accordingly suggest the best possible treatment. In the case of hairline fractures, the movement of the affected bone is curbed by using a special cast. Surgical treatment involves the use of artificial graft along with metal screws, pins and rods in order to hold the affected bone firmly in one position.

Arthroplasty - commonly known as a joint replacement the technique involves the replacement of the damaged joint with an artificially created implant. The surgery is carried out under the influence of general anaesthesia and is performed by making a large incision to directly operate upon the affected joint. Joint replacement surgery can be used to treat damaged joints in the hips, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders etc. These are usually used for patients suffering from degenerative joint diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis. This can also be used to treat joint injuries sustained in an accident.

Corrective surgery - corrective surgery is usually used to treat any kind of defect in the anatomical alignment of the bones that may be congenital i.e present since birth or acquired with time. Such defects can affect your quality of life and prevent you from indulging in various activities by limiting the functions of your limbs. The surgery aims at the realignment of the affected bone.

General repairs on damaged muscles or tendons – apart from the bones and joint the muscles and tendons are also part of the musculoskeletal system and these two can get damaged due to a number of reasons which mostly include injuries of traumatic nature. Trauma and orthopaedic doctors offer treatments for such injuries as well.

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