To be certified as a court reporter/transcriber, you need to receive proper training. Many transcription programs take between two and three years to complete. Courses include mechanical shorthand, keyboard techniques, vocabulary, various terminology (medical/legal), ethics, and many other classes that will help you gain an advantage when you start your career.

Court reporters transcribe a wide variety of documents, videos, meetings, conferences, court proceedings, and many other recorded depositions or written documents. If you want to learn more about what it takes to become a professional court reporter/transcriber, contact Jilio-Ryan Court Reporters for more information.

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Colleen Jilio-Ryan is the Owner of Jilio-Ryan, a Tustin based premiere law consulting firm. The firm along with its certified court reporters is dedicated to providing the highest quality deposition and litigation services to attorneys, insurance companies, and corporations. With her sincere efforts, Colleen is committed to meeting the highest standards of the legal industry, and is an industry leader when it comes to on-time court reporting and deposition scheduling.