If you have a dog and a cat both as a pet at the same time then, you may be keeping them away from each other thinking they will fight together. Thus, you may be playing the role of management between both. But don’t you know that dogs and cats. They can become friends and can play with each other.

Most of the people think it impossible as they have always seen them fighting. But it’s not right, they can be friends and you can see your cat and your dog playing together in your home. Its important part of your cat training to make her adjust with a dog.

Cats Chasing the Puppies for Fun Thing

You may think that only equal-sized pets can play together. But it's wrong. A large-sized cat can play with puppies. And a large-sized dog can play with the kittens. The size of the pet doesn’t matter when they are in the mood of playing. Some of the cats play with puppies by chasing them and attacking them on their ankles. And in return, the puppies attack the cat by jumping onto the cat. This slight and cute attack is a stress reliever for both.

A Noisy Play Between Cat and A Dog

Cats play silently while the dogs on the other hand cats are much noisy both playing and fighting. So, the cat may place and rub her head on the face of the lying dog to tease him. While the dog will try to place his head over the face of the cat to not bear the weight of the cat's head. This keeps ongoing and they may play in this way.
No doubt, that would be a cute scene to enjoy for you. While the dog is so noisy, he will growl and bark during the play to keep him winning by placing his head over the cat.

Playing “Chase the Feather”

Cats also play with the dogs by chasing the feather. It seems that they start a competition of catching the feather in hand. Thus, everyone from cat and dog tries to chase and catch the feather to win the game.
In this chasing game, they jump over tables, move through the side tables of the bed, and sometimes jump over each other to get that feature in the hand. As the feature is so light in weight, it will keep on moving in the air letting both of the pets play.

So, if you want your pets to play like this, just throw a feather and keep on enjoying their play!
The best way to make your cat and dog play together is first to train them to live with each other. Bring a cat home first and introduce her to a dog when they are young, as young animals mostly don’t fight and easily accept other pets.

Most of the time when a cat and dog grow together they do not intend to fight with each other, Instead, they would love to play different games with each other.

When a cat and dog are playing they might use their claws or use their mouth for a gentle rub, as far as you watch both of the parties are enjoying let them play. If all of a sudden you come to know that any of them is not taking pleasure in these activities stop them before it turns into a fight.

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Priya Negi