A directory is usually a combination of several sites that may share a common theme, come from the same geographical area, or are owned by the same company. It is in this sense an independent portal that is unlike other domains, in that it operates in the same manner as a letter box. Though it allows more automatic exchanges between those whose posts are enumerated there, it is not strategically, an optimization method. It is more personal than that because it allows browsers to find referral information and other data relevant to the given site, which explains its popularity.

When it comes to geographical placement, these reference portals allow the surfer to find a treasure trove of data relating to a certain continent and even pinpoint cities. It is pertained that though each place has its own specialties, they all however have the unifying factor of embracing universal categorization of content that technically is found in virtually any given region of the globe. Thus, one looking for technological or artistic themes can find them on any continent only that these acquire a regional tone when they are chosen by the company offering the service. This easy reference method aids in earning faster recognition for the featured site because it needs not advertise itself through back links.

Another feature that informs the geographical worth is the fact that directories are presented in a manual fashion that is easy to skim. This means that one does not have to necessarily rely on engine tools to help in the search. They rely on minimal linkages to perpetuate their advertorial campaigns. For example, it is almost mandatory for the host to replicate a link with the portal so that they can be able to be displayed on the web page. There are also other allowances that give the owner the chance to inter-link with others in their cities that are also displayed there which helps to increase their customer bases.

Other than through geographical means, directory submission is rendered effective because of the fact that each post is allotted several inner pages. This is where they can showcase pictures and other details to supplement the contact information already given on the main page. Furthermore, each inner post also comes with relevant information that relates to that of the region thus increasing the relevance of the page being viewed.

Normally, a reference directory mostly comes at no charge although there are some that seek for low fee advances to maintain updated data for the page throughout the tenure of its listing. However, the cost is rendered insignificant because there are not overbearing technical details that are imposed upon the service provider. This is because it operates under the premise that the visitor has only to hit on the tab for the given continent and go to the thematic section they want before viewing the content.

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A directory is a portal where all sites with shared themes are compiled. Directories usually gain recognition due to geographical positioning. Directory submission is therefore great for regional visibility