With the demand for Salesforce skills on the rise, one aspect you should consider is Salesforce Development. However, the question is, how easy is it to get certified as a Salesforce Developer?

About Salesforce Developer Certification
A Salesforce Developer Certification serves as verification that a person is skillful in translating a company's ideas into an app. In other words, a Salesforce Developer has the required skills to design custom applications, analytics functions and also use Salesforce CLI in testing these customizations.

Salesforce Developer Certification may come in three modules: Platform App Builder, Developer I and Developer II. Learn Salesforce interview questions and answers on Salesforce Development module platform developer 1. While these certifications are tasking to varying degrees, they are conclusive proof of a developer's ability to identify business logic and design user interface. Developers are also proficient in making custom apps to forecast sales and revenue and maintain a seamless business workflow.
Salesforce Developer Exam
After completing your Salesforce training and meeting the requirement, you are expected to take an online or on-site exam. Here, you cannot have any study guide with you while your knowledge of real-life business scenarios is tested. The examiners are also testing your knowledge on Salesforce programming languages like Apex, Visualforce and Lightning components. Most importantly, you must be conversant with topics on rules of validation, rules of workflow, coupled with process builder and object relationship.
Getting a Salesforce Development Certification is no child's play. It will help if you put in extra effort and time to study and master the platform. It requires a great deal of research, tutorials, and lots of practice and revision from your end to pass the Salesforce Development qualification exams. You have to leave your comfort zone!
With a time limit of about 105 minutes, you should be prepared to correctly answer at least 39 of the 60 multiple-choice questions posed. This represents a 65% pass mark for the exam. However, you can study hard and still fail to meet up with this requirement. Don't beat yourself up. Salesforce exams are pretty intensive. The platform allows you to register and retake the certification exam for developers with a 50% discount of $100.
What to Expect after Salesforce Development Certification
Now, after you ace the exam, you should note that successfully getting a Salesforce Development Certification is not the end of your journey. Salesforce is a platform that is flexible and regularly updates its features from time to time. Thus, to ensure that you are abreast of these newest changes and refresh your knowledge, you must write a maintenance exam once a year to update your knowledge and further sharpen your skills.

Salesforce Developers are critical thinkers. They derive pleasure in designing perfect but simple solutions for their companies. Because they are the backbone of any business, their tests are usually technical to validate their knowledge and skills about Salesforce Development.

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While it is true that the Salesforce Development Certification course is not a piece of cake, the ball is in your court to achieve resounding success through dedication and faithfulness to study guides. You may also seek help from experts who have chosen Salesforce Development as their career path, with notable years of experience.