A recent study that has been conducted has clearly mentioned that NOVEL Coronavirus or COVID 19 can remain active on hard surfaces like plastic, stainless steel, and other nonporous surfaces for up to 72 hours, and on cardboards, it can live for up to 24 hours. In fact, studies have further revealed that the COVID-19 virus can remain infectious as long on the non-porous surfaces as on porous surfaces. Since upholstery and carpets or similar materials are porous, they are considered less conducive to COVID 19 infestation than the non-porous surfaces.

But that does not mean you should take chances while cleaning carpets. Therefore, special care must be taken to clean upholstery and carpets, as there is no guaranty, that imperfectly cleaned carpets will not have any trace of this virus and from the carpets, the virus can in contact with the solid non-porous surfaces where they will thrive and pose threat to your family members. 

This is why deep cleaning is the need of the hour in this time of pandemic and let us discuss how the professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne help to keep COVID 19 virus at bay by performing a deep cleaning. 

Spot Cleaning: This is a traditional method of deep cleaning to get rid of the age-old, stubborn stains. The professionals will use various types of cleaning agents depending upon the nature and age of the stain and the type of material the carpet is made up of. By carrying out this type of deep cleaning, the professionals are able to extract the stain particles from deep inside the carpet along with the dust and dirt particles attached to the stain thus making sure the carpet is cleaned perfectly.

Steam Cleaning: This is perhaps the best and the most effective way of cleaning carpets just with the use of steam, generated by super hot water. As the surface from deep inside is agitated and cleaned in this method this type of deep cleaning goes miles to keep the carpet as clean as a new one and keep the virus at bay. 

Encapsulation: This is another very effective method of deep cleaning and an improved version of the traditional methods that helps to keep clean in this pandemic. In this method, the carpet cleaning experts in Melbourne would use synthetic foam detergents, which turns into a powdery substance, when they dry up. Thus, the dust and dirt particles would get trapped in that powder, which is then brushed off or vacuumed by into the high-power vacuum cleaners. This provided a holistic and deep root cleaning effect on the carpets, which is the fundamental of deep cleaning that is an effective way of keeping viruses at bay. 

Dry Cleaning: This is also a very effective deep cleaning procedure that goes a long way to keep the carpet and upholstery virus-free, clean, and healthy. As the name suggests, no soap or detergent is used in this process. Minimal water is used in this process and hence the drying time is also the shortest. Again this is a fantastic deep cleaning process that the professional carpet cleaners in and around Melbourne use to help households to stay safe and COVID 19 free. 

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The author owns a carpet cleaning company in Melbourne that is home so some of the most competent professional carpet cleaners. The author is also an avid blogger.