“How Daydreaming Success, Overcomes Impulsive Acts”
• 1. “Pop, what’s with this stuff on “immediate-gratification”, and impatience? Doesn’t every sane person want “it” now, not later?”

• 2. “You wanna fight or hear the latest neuroscience. Good. When you’re a little kid, you don’t analyze, and
want it now, and give up the future.

Mature folks will give up the present benefit, if the future” reward” is worth it.”

• 3. “The only we know for sure is what is in my hand. The future is not guaranteed, huh?”

• 4. “Here’s some heavy-duty research at Washington University, St. Louis, April, 2013, & backed-up by Tokyo Institute of Technology.

• 5. They find that “effective people, (winners), have a skill (talent) to dial-up hot emotions NOW, about what waiting for their future reward will deliver.”

• 6. “Pop, the question in my cabeza is, “So-What?” What’s- In-It-For-Me? to wait?”

• 7. “Scientists call ‘waiting’, “deferred or delayed” gratification. This research has been going for 50-years.

• 8. The follow-up as adults, shows that preschoolers and first-graders who cannot (impatience) hold-their-water to get two-cookies later, verses one-cookie (any reward), NOW! – do seriously lousy in school and career –later.”

• 9. “Not fair, you can’t judge people from stupid stuff when they were little demented kids.”

• 10. “If you studied the research in the Journal of Neuroscience, and were convinced people show their true colors as kids, and you were hiring, would you pick
people who don’t have Persistance & Determination?”

• 11. “That’s like refusing to hire someone who is over age 50, not fair. But, if I knew he or she had no “patience”, if would affect them getting along with team players, huh?”

• 12. “Fact: remember this. The Anterior (front) of the PFC,

(Prefrontal Cortex) of your brain, shows if you’re getting “joy” (pleasure), thinking about the Fun of the “two-cookies” later, instead on one, now. You can avoid being Impulsive now, by turning on your feelings of future beneifts.

• 13. “How. Is this going to be complicated?”

• 14. “In school, do you notice that you are “daydreaming” when you are not into the classwork?”

• 15. “Sure, which is a lot, because it’s mostly boring.”

• 16. “The average college-grad daydreams 46.7% of their waking hours. Don’t say, “So-What?” We are all experts at creating “Mental-Movies”. That applies to school & work. To overcome “impulsive-acts”, just daydream the
happy future, you winning the goal of “patience”.

• 17. “You believe in the power of Patience, and “delayed gratification”?”

• 18. “It’s the basis of going to school to use your knowledge later, right? Isn’t part of working for a “promotion” in your career. Playing Texas-Hold’Em
is decision-making of hanging-in to win the Jackpot,
or settling for the chump-change now.”

• 19. “Ah-Ha, it’s like spending all your dinero, or saving money in the bank for a vacation, retirement, or investment.”

• 20. “Here’s the steps to training yourself. Delayed- gratification is a habit. It takes 21-days to put it on “auto-pilot”.

• 21. Step 1: Diaphragmatic breathing to get into Alpha brainwaves of creativity. Four-breaths, with four “Hum-ms” on exhaling, a total of 16-Hum-ms.

Step 2: Close your eyes, a left yourself drift-off into a daydream about some happy & positive. Ex. Winning your diploma, getting a raise/promotion, a great relationship.

Step 3: Pay attention, this is a mind-blower to create the right “mind-set”. Repeat this eight-word phrase. The secret is to STRESS (emphasize) the following word, each repetition. “Why is everything always working out for me!” Repeat this phrase ‘8-times’.

Ex. “Why”….., next, “Is”…., “Everything”…., to, “Why is everything always working out for “Me!”
It takes repeating this 8-word phrase, eight-times. Just five-minutes, for 21-days, and you own it on autopilot.

“Tap-In, Tune-in-& Turn-on!” Just try it, and discover amazing results.

See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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