When it comes to streamlining your quoting process, using a sales quoting software is often recommended. The software tool is designed to automate quoting, which enables you to create some of the most complex quotes in minutes. Among the many features available in the quoting system, one of the most underrated is customization that enables you to deliver personalized quotes for your customers. Quote customization gives you the flexibility to design the look and feel of your quote as per your requirements.

Customizing Quote Template

A Sales Quoting Software gives you an excellent opportunity to customize its quote templates the way you want. As we all know, these software tools come with a wide range of built-in professional quotation templates. You can choose any of these to create impressive quotes. Moreover, these ready-made templates are highly customizable to suit your business requirements. In fact, these pre-built quote templates are 100% customizable. So whether you want to modify the design, layout or add words and images in the templates, it can be done effortlessly to meet your precise needs.

Customizable Content

Quoting software give you the flexibility to customize its template with your own quote content. For instance, you can add your company logo to the header and footer of the template that communicates your brand’s personality. You also have the option to add other content wherein you can specify the terms and conditions of the transaction. Every company will have its own unique set of contract terms and conditions, which can be easily added in the quote template. It is also possible to add quote expiry date in the quote template.

Add your own Attachments

Ability to attach your own documents is another aspect of customization available in most on-premise and Online quoting system. You have the option to attach additional content in the form of brochures and product collaterals, which can help to market your business and increase sale.

User-defined Fields

Quoting templates often come with standard fields, leaving no room for entering additional information in the quote. To resolve this issue, a sales quoting software allows you to define and add custom fields in quoting template. So whenever you want to keep track of any specific information that is relevant to your business organization, it is advised to create custom fields in the template editor.

Hide Specific Information

Many times, resellers don’t want to display specific information in the quote template, as it can have a negative impact on their business. For instance, resellers often are not comfortable showing manufacturer Part No. on the quote. This is because customers can use manufacturer Part No. to find the original price of the product. Similarly, some resellers are not willing to show itemized pricing, instead they prefer displaying the total amount in the quote. This ability to hide specific information is available in most software quoting tools.

Custom Bundle

Many resellers create and sell bundles to increase sales and offer more value to customers. A Quote Management System allows its users to create custom bundles in the quote template. So whenever a need arises, you can group items together and quote a bundle for your customers.

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