This type of insurance insures the contents of your vehicle in the event of the accidental destruction of said contents. There is, of course a critical distinction between conventional automotive insurance and courier insurance. Regular car insurance simply does not cover the contents of your vehicle. If you plan to run a serious courier service, it is necessary that you pick up courier insurance for your work vehicle.

Courier insurance is no more important than with regard to self-employed couriers. Whereas individuals who are subcontracted to perform their service under a larger company may sometimes be protected by that company's courier service (but not always), the self-employed courier is always responsible for the contents of their respective vehicles. If you are a courier delivering newspapers and you are involved in an accident and newspapers get destroyed, you can be held responsible for the value of those papers. As you can imagine, this can get very expensive, very fast. You can easily get the sense that your whole business may very well depend upon having courier insurance. One costly accident can cost you money, and your reputation.

The value of the content that you deliver has to be a factor when choosing courier insurance, as well. If you deliver medical samples, those items can be extremely costly and time consuming to replace in the event of an accident. Likewise, legal paperwork would by all accounts be considered more valuable than newspapers. You'll want to consult with your insurance agent in order to have a level of courier insurance coverage that is befitting of the value of the contents you may be carrying at any given time.

It is important to note, on the subject of valuation, that couriers who carry sensitive documents such as financial transaction records are not only faced with the prospect of losing the goods in an accident, but are also potential targets for robbery. If this is the case, you'll want to discuss whether or not your policy includes coverage in the event of loss or theft. Likewise, it is also worth noting that courier insurance is sometimes bundled with liability and uninsured motorist insurance, but this is not the case. You will need to consult with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered against personal injury and vehicle loss, in addition to the content coverage. Whether you are self-employed or a subcontracted courier, you will need to make sure that the materials you transport are covered by courier insurance.

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