High heel walks

High heels have always been a tricky thing to use for many women. They will feel proud while walking with a high heel elegantly, but feel dejected when they fail with their steps due to imbalance or other reasons. Some people may find it difficult to walk swiftly with heels. To avoid movement of the foot inside the shoe, one can use high heel inserts. In this article, let us discuss some of the ways one can make their high heels comfortable and walk with confidence.

Ways to make your heels comfortable

Adjusting the height

If you feel uncomfortable with your high heels, there is an opportunity to reduce the height of it. Several shoe-repair shops will help to shave down your heels a bit to provide you a reduced walking height. Some people find it comfortable after shaving their high heels as it reduces the strain on the arches of the foot. However, if you shave more than a specified limit, it may also lead to some strains in your arches. So, you should maintain an optimum level of shaving.

Gel insole usage

The most common causes of blisters and other irritations in your foot are the friction and movement of your toes inside the shoes whenever you walk. To reduce this movement of your foot balls and toes inside the shoes, you can use gel insoles inside your shoes. These will stick on to the shoe and hold your foot in a place preventing internal movement. So, your toes will not roll off and hence, there will not be any irritation or inflammation. Gel insoles can also take the pressure off your foot with high heels.

Do not walk often

It may sound weird. It is not like that you should not walk often. Using high heels for continuous days may cause some discomfort and strains to your foot. So, if you are using high heels, it is okay to walk with it for a continuous two days. But you have to switch the shoe to give your foot some breaks. If you are following this, you can make your experience with the heeled shoes better.

Heel straps

The most common drawback of walking with high heels is the imbalance and threat of slipping on the floor. Recent-day high heel shoes are coming with straps or ties that you can use to tie around your legs for a better grip. It will ensure that the shoes will not miss off your foot and there would not be any movement of your foot inside the shoe. There will also be adjustable straps that you can alter for your comfort. So, it will be a better option to consider to increase your comfortability with heeled-walking.

Go for more

If you are using tight heels, then it will be more exhausting for walks. It is advisable to go for a size that will give your foot some room to get more comfortable.

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If you feel uncomfortable with your high heels, there is an opportunity to reduce the height of it.