Mobile apps today pervade not only smartphones but also the lives of those using them. Indeed, the total number of available apps today is astounding, numbering nearly as high as 5 million. And it isn’t just the number of apps, but also each of their respective utilities and features. Mobile apps cover nearly every utility (recreational, personal, professional) imaginable, which in today’s world makes them an unavoidable occurrence, especially in urban and semi-urban areas.

Business owners today are moving speedily towards mobile app development services, so as to harness the enhanced accessibility, flexibility and the power of digitization it brings to the table. All those (enterprises) contemplating the hire of services provided by mobile app development companies will be aware of the platforms on which said apps are developed. Despite there being numerous available alternatives, iOS and Android emerged as the two most desirable. Being the largest two app development platforms in the industry, they house millions of apps on their respective app stores.

No matter which platform you (as a business owner) opt for, the end goal will not vary, in the broadest sense of the term. User engagement is undoubtedly the only way in which apps can deliver on business performance goals, and they, therefore, govern the development process in its entirety. Appeasement is, however, only the first step in business growth. The more essential aspect is that of user retention, which ultimately leads to user loyalty.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the only avenue through which the app-user dynamic can progress on an incremental trajectory. The concept of conversion is rooted in endeavors undertaken by companies to improve user perception through targeted, insight-driven content optimization. Business owners must, therefore, focus their efforts towards long-term CRO benefits.

Here are 5 key ways in which CRO can be used to benefit mobile app development:

  • More Personal Experience

CRO works on the foundation of extensive research, mainly into user behavioral trends, opinions, expectations, etc. As a direct result of this, businesses receive a good deal of insight into their target market. This allows for marketing campaigns and communication that are more targeted, personal, and relatable for the viewer.

Businesses can understand their customer audience with mobile apps that offer customer administrative backend. With regular analysis of customer behavior, businesses can understand and improve customer sales cycles, customer choices and changing demands.

  • Consistent Usability

One of the greatest methods of boosting usability through CRO, is by making the app consistent, insofar as it’s broader aspects - layout, theme, aesthetic, and more. This is because many users today possess multiple devices, on multiple OS platforms, to access the same apps or services. You must ensure that your app development service maintains maximum usability, through apps that are versatile, and easy to use across a variety of platforms.

By partnering with a revolutionary technology platform like HokuApps, all allocation sport a similar user interface and user experience across platforms. This provides users with a standard experience, no matter the device or OS platform.

  • Notifications

Push notifications are somewhat of a CRO staple, as they satisfy the single most crucial element in converting users - communication. It is very important for businesses to maintain a solid line of communication with end users, through a variety of channels. You must, therefore, ensure that your mobile app development process includes a push notification element for your enterprise mobile app.

On the HokuApps Mobile app development platform, all mobile apps feature a communication framework for chat and notifications to enhance collaboration among employees and improve communication between business and customer with push notifications.

  • Analytics Advantage

Analytics and data are everything in today’s world. They have an especially large influence on business performance, owing to the objective insights they yield. The success of any app comes from a combination of the effective visual element (front end), and proper data gathering/analytics (back-end) integration. This not only aligns businesses better with user expectations but also improves the nature of communication between them.

All HokuApps developed applications come equipped with an enterprise administration backend. The backend comes equipped with a granular reporting engine that provides real-time information in the way of analytics on dashboards that have a mobile and web view. These features are fully configurable to custom business requirements.

  • Formative Ease

Most apps these days provide users with the option of logging in via Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms; so as to easily acquire their respective email addresses. There are however cases where form-filling is the only way to acquire crucial user information. In such cases, you must remember to have your mobile app development company design lucid, direct action-oriented forms that aren’t tedious for users to sill out.

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