TikTok boasts over 800 million users and is now among the most downloaded apps in the non-gaming category with more than two billion downloads. TikTok is even more attractive because most of its users belong to Gen Z. In the age group of 16-24, they prefer content in small easily-comprehensible capsules that also find favor with busy and aging Millennials. According to Forbes, one of the main reasons for the success of TikTok is appealing content that has the power to engage a community. However, content marketers need to get their TikTok marketing strategy right to boost their ROI. Some tips:

Determine Your Marketing Goals

For content marketers looking to leverage the pull of TikTok to build their presence, it is important they first determine their marketing objectives. The content they post must have both a tangible purpose and also fit the tone and values of the brand. Make a framework for the content style you are planning to create and then proceed to establish clear goals as well as decide the performance metrics you will use to measure your campaign impact. Typically, businesses use TikTok to boost brand awareness and build credibility, however, conversions can also be a measurable goal.

Choose Your Category of Content 

There are quite a few options for the type of videos you can use to market your brands. Some of the most impactful content categories in include:

Hashtag challenges: These challenges have the potential of rapidly becoming viral giving a very large awareness boost to your brand. Already quite popular, it is expected they will gain further traction in 2021 for brands to connect with their audiences, especially when used with real TikTok followers. Hashtags can be sponsored or organic. While organic challenges can invite a lot of participation that brands can join in, branded challenges are sponsored by the business and all posts act to boost brand awareness and build engagement.

Tutorials: This kind of video can be created for educating their customers on how to do various things related to their products and services. For example, a cosmetics brand can show its customers how to choose the right shade of lipstick using a short video. Even if you an independent content creator, you can become an authority in your domain by producing original content on how to do things innovatively.

Testimonials and case studies: Videos with this category of content are very good to show social media proof. Testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers act to reassure potential customers about the authenticity of the brand. Case studies, on the other hand, demonstrate the commitment of the marketer to find practical solutions to difficult problems.

Behind-the-scenes looks: Giving audiences an exclusive peek into what happens behind the scenes of a business serves to underline its authenticity and transparency. This content type can be used to form an emotional bond with customers.


Marketers need to keep in mind that for maximum engagement on TikTok, the content has to be original and appealing while advocating the brand subtly, all within a maximum of 60 seconds, preferably within 15 seconds. The videos should invariably be light-hearted and entertaining.

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I am Lucy Jones