Today, the usage of black and white can be noticed in architecture photography as well as in various types of photography other than architecture. Photographers in Brisbane are experimenting with black and white to make the photos interesting and creative. Since black and white are considered as the gold standard of photography, commercial photographers try to follow the core principles while taking these photos. 

At present in most of the photo exhibitions in Brisbane, it can be seen that the black and white photos emphasize the lighting and contrast of the subject concerning its size and shape. These are important points that an architecture photographer in Brisbane needs to follow to establish his views or ideas. He needs to be well-versed in using the different elements so that the photo turns out to be a good one.

Professional photographers use black and white in a variety of ways and we will explore a couple of them here.

Finding Suitable Subjects for Black and White

Not all subjects look good in black and white. So, photographers have to find and take photos of subjects that are best suited for monochrome. 

Since black and white are devoid of colour, emphasis needs to be given on light and shadows that partly represents the real-world colour. So, photographers evaluate the subjects carefully to see if they are the right fit for monochrome.

They visualise the result that can be achieved after the photos are developed for which they focus the tones and textures. They also use the RAW format in their DSLRs to achieve the best quality photos.

Focusing on Textures

Textures bring out realism in photos especially when it comes to architecture photography. For this reason, a professional commercial photographer in Brisbane always tries to focus on the subject’s texture.

Since the texture is influenced by light, photographers select the location and the proper timing for a black and white photo to be impressive. This, of course, applies if they are willing to use natural lighting conditions. But if they wish to use studio lighting, they have to alter the intensity of the light to bring out the textures.

Emphasizing on Contrast

Photographers manipulate contrast in creative ways so that the shades of grey look attractive. They balance the shadows, highlights, and mid-tones during post-processing. When it comes to architecture photography where the focus is on buildings, the correct blend of all the three gives the photos a classic but modern look.

Lighting in Black and White

This has been partly discussed before. But then again, when it comes to the interior and exterior, an architecture photographer in Brisbane will want to take the shots in natural lighting. 

The best black and white photos can be captured when the sun is low in the sky. But it is also possible to capture good shots in black and white during the middle of the day. Professional photographers can also produce good photos in overcast days by manipulating light in the photos during post-processing. They make sure that the light suits the subject. 

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Expert photographers use black and white innovatively in photography. Let us take a look at the methods in which they achieve the desired results.