A good church is always focusing on Bible and Jesus Christ teaching. Our innovative ideas and efforts to enhance your spiritual growth via Jesus-centred act will help us to make you feel satisfied. There is no magical stick for restoration, it can begin with conviction on the part of Christians. At our church we try to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and you can even join us online if you aren’t in the area. This is a place where our target is to provide everyone helpful resources and help to heal while bringing new direction to your life.

Our mission is to provide an environment where everyone is encouraged to practice intimacy with Jesus. Here you will get inspiration which will allow you to believe that all Christians should live their life for Jesus Christ. As long as we are content to live a life without having enlightenment, it will go on and on but once you know the truth God wants to help you to go ahead and grab peace within your own self you will feel the real purpose of life. This church is not merely a place of worship or teaching but it's a home where helpless, stressed, lonely and hopeless persons can find help and inner peace. Life is not meant to be lived alone, get connected with new people and enjoy heartfelt worship with honest friends.

Whether you are alone or divorced or in grief or homeless, etc than you are at right place because this Church in Chapel Allerton has been formed to uplift you up and assist you practically and spiritually simultaneously via various avenues of care to help you to move forward. We are equipped to provide high quality worship, Bible-centered preaching, spiritual health assessment and much more. Live Events are organized keeping in mind all types of persons. Youth also participate in many events to help them build their faith and trust on Jesus and Bible. Every activity performed bringing Jesus at the centre so that those who are far from God will be raised to believe in Christ. Whether you are just beginners or seasoned disciple, this church will teach you a few things you never knew and will take you towards your ultimate goal of life.

Our core values are roaming around God, Jesus Christ, Gospel, Worship, Revival, Reformation, Relationship, Service, Care, Connection, Success, Growth and Peace. To be eternally separated from God is nothing but Hell, similarly To be eternally united with God is eternal life. Our mission is to connect more and more people to Jesus Christ and try to serve them at our maximum, even though we have limited to our area but expansion is our target so that we can reach you to your place soon.

We care for all and therefore a warm welcome is there at All Nations Community Church for all homeless persons. we are providing food and shelter to such lonely and homeless people. Our healing hands are always there for those who are suffering from painful separation whereas our support ministry of people who will walk along with you in your most difficult time. Our Church is not a Museum for exhibition of reputed Christians, but it's a school for the education of imperfect ones. Church is mother and God is father, both are correlated with each other, each one is important. The more nearer you would be to the Church the further. Purpose of the Church is to worship God by loving his teachings and direction thereby brining all together who have lost this path and awaking them about God's path.

In this Digital Age, it very easy to reach right person and needy one who requires a helping hand and a true friend. We are always there to uplift them up and therefore we have connected digitally on the web. Anyone can reach us at http://www.allnationscc.org anytime. We will definitely be there in your struggling time.

All Nations Community Church equipped with a team who is encouraging believers to reconnect with God and each other. Be a part of our Events which are organized frequently for the spiritual and overall growth of the member and society. ANCC is not limited to its member’s growth however it's our responsibility to think and work for the entire community, society and world considering it as one family whose one father is god and we all are his children.

If you are wondering how to get connected or move forward to our Church in Leeds. Come and see our Church in Roundhay and know how God wants to give us purpose, identity, and a fresh power for a successful life. If you have friends that need to uplift them up and need spiritual growth and eternal peace and prosperity then don't forget to invite them next Sunday, 10:45am to 12:30p Lidgett Community Centre, Lidgett Lane, Leeds, LS17 6QP.

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