Sports Injury Treatment

Engaging yourself in sports and another physical activity is good for the body. Exercise builds strong muscles, keeps joints flexible, improve cardiovascular health, control weight by burning calories, and provide numerous other health benefits.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a sports lover, you have probably faced injury at some point in your athletic career. Running, jumping, twisting and turning can lead to sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles and other sports injuries.

Common Signs of Sports Injuries

Injuries can happen in any sports. Some of the common types of sports injuries are –
• Bruises
• Fractures
• Lower back pain
• Tennis or golfers elbow.
• Sprain – A stretch or tear of the ligaments, which attach bones to create joints.
• Strain – A twist, pull or tear of a muscle or tendon, which connects muscles to bones.
• Dislocation – Separation of two bones, which results of extreme force on a ligament.
• Neck Injuries – This is such as whiplash, it occurs when the neck is quickly and forcefully pushed forwards or backward in a whipping motion.
• Pinched Nerves – This is due to spine injury and can be very painful.

The indication of Sports Injuries –

• Swelling
• Burning, dull pain
• Headaches
• Muscle Pains
• Inflammation
• Muscle Spasms.
Painkilling drugs may temporarily relieve or mask symptoms, but Chiropractors diagnose and treat the real cause injury.

Chiropractor’s care for Sports Injuries Treatment–

Chiropractic care is an always safe and effective approach to treating sports injuries.

Chiropractic treatments are to enhance or restore joint function, reduce joint inflammation and ease the pain.
• The chiropractic care for sports starts with a comprehensive evaluation, which includes an examination of the affected area, gathering of medical history, discussion of the symptoms, and review of the patient’s activities during the time of the injury.
• It also includes spinal manipulation to restore the bones or spinal column to their optimal position, decompression and cold laser therapy for rounded discs, etc.
• It addresses pain and dysfunction by targeting injured tissue and supporting the healing process. It is a non – surgical approach and does not use any painkillers.
• A chiropractor also suggests exercises to reduce the risk of worsening a sports injury or developing a new one.

Chiropractors can also help you in preventing injuries from occurring. The other treatments methods to relieve pain is R.I.C.E, it is a helpful guide in immediate treatment suggested by most of the Chiropractors-
• Rest – Limit the forces acting on the injured part of the body. It means entirely rest in the damaged area.
• Ice – It is helpful in controlling, swelling and inflammation. It can also help in reducing pain.
• Compress – Wrapping the injured part of the body with a compression bandage, but not too tightly.
• Elevate – Elevating the wounded extremity can also help reduce swelling and inflammation and in turn reduce in pain.

Chiropractors also offer specific guidelines to help you move more safely and efficiently during sports injury treatment

• Postural analysis
• Neuromuscular education.
• Corrective exercises.
• Lifestyle or nutritional counseling.

Without treatment, sports injuries can cause long-term pain and dysfunction. A chiropractor provides effective treatment that stops pain and improves movement. When engaging in sports or physical activities, keep in mind your body abilities. Also, do not waste time struggling with the sports injuries. Call a Chiropractor today!

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