This article aims at highlighting the importance of motor skill development and how enrolling your kid into a childcare centre can help in the same.

Elemental education and learning is the most vital step of a child which serves as the building blocks of his life. Childcare centres and preschools have come as the boon for parents to help their kids learn some basic skills and get accustomed to the regular school environment. When it comes to early education offered in a trusted childcare in Western Sydney, playing games is one of the important activities that promote holistic physical, cognitive, and mental development. Moreover, it also allows the children to develop fine motor skills by practicing proper co-ordination and control of large body movements and small body movements of their fingers and hands.

What is motor skill?

Motor skill and development is quite important for a child’s proper growth and learning as it is mainly a function which involves different types of movements of our body muscles to do a particular task. Such tasks might include running, riding a bike, and even walking. Our body’s nervous system, brain, and muscles all work collectively when we perform such tasks. The main objective of helping the children learn this skill is to optimise their ability of performing the particular task precisely by reducing the amount of energy consumption required for doing the same.

What kind of activities in childcare promote gross motor skill development

The gross motor skills help children to control the movement of their head, trunk, arms, and legs. The teachers in childcare centres help them in developing such skills by engaging them in different activities such as:

• Running
• Jumping
• Hopping
• Pushing and pulling
• Throwing and catching
• Climbing up, down, under, and over the things
• Pedal tricycles and other ride-on toys
• Dumping and filling

As gross motor skill development helps your kid to grow both inside and outside, other specific activities such as ride-on car, crawling tunnel, or a pull toy can help him to practice large body movements of their legs and arms.

What kind of activities in childcare promote fine motor skill development?

Fine motor development aims at promoting the careful control of all the body’s small muscles in feet, fingers, toes, and hands. Even controlling the muscles of lips and tongue to sing or speak properly is also considered as a part of fine motor skills. In childcare centres, your children will be engaged in some specific activities, which will help them to learn and develop fine motor skills. Some of the such tasks are being discussed as below.

• Building blocks to stack and organise
• Playing clay or dough with different types of plastic tools such as cookie cutters, scissors to form different shapes
• Solving puzzles by using knobs or handles of various sizes
• Playing with macaroni, beads, wheel-shaped cereal, or rigatoni to string on shoelaces or yarn
• Playing with paints, brushes, scissors, crayons, large chalk, and markers, all of which are safe for children

The key takeaway

Proper motor skill development not only helps children to ensure proper control and co-ordination of your large body and small body movements, but also boost their confidence and self-belief, thereby being able to accomplish tasks on their own. Hence, without any further wait, you must consider enrolling your child into a well-known childcare in Western Sydney where he will be able provided with the best kind of early learning and education.

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