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- People who wish to stop smoking always have an “iffy” feeling regarding the stop smoking treatments. There are lots of stuff available on Google when you search for nicotine and stop smoking medicines. This includes nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and prescription tablets. But, still, there is a section of people who believe these stop smoking treatments are not worth a try. There are lots of misconceptions in their minds about these treatments which have made most of the smokers never try them to get rid of this dangerous habit.

- In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have decoded some of the myths of stop smoking treatments and unveiled the truth behind them. We promise once you have read this content piece as a smoker, it will clear all your myths and encourage you to use stop smoking treatments like Champix.

Let’s start with the myths and the realities associated with them.

Stop Smoking Treatments are Not Effective


- Setting a quit date;

- Commitment to the “not a single puff” rule;

Deal with things that make you reach a cigarette;

Taking support from a trained stop smoking advisor;

Speaking with your pharmacist/general practitioner.

Nicotine is the Prime Suspect for Causing Cancer

- Reality:

- This is incorrect. Nicotine is not the prima facia reason that leads to cancer. It is caused due to other toxic chemicals in cigarettes like carbon monoxide and tar that can have a damaging effect on your health. Products like e-Cigarettes and NRT provide nicotine in your body as per the craving. It is not in the same proportion as some of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

- Employing More than One NRT Product At the Same Time or Using it At the Same Time as e-Cigarette can be Extremely Fatal for Your Healthy

- Reality:

- This is absolutely incorrrect. In fact, if you use a couple of NRT product at a time (also known as combination therapy) it can be extremely good for your health. The reason being, it increases the chances of successful stoppage of the smoking habit. It is even possible to take nicotine patches to get a background level of nicotine. This needs to be done in combination of quick-acting products like ozenges, nasal spray, e-Cigarette, or gum that assist in overcoming the sudden craving.

- It needs to be observed that the nicotine strength in e-Cigarettes sold in the UK is 20mg/ml. Hence, there is no apparent risk of nicotine poisoning when vaping e-Cigarettes. Most probably, the side effects are nausea and vomiting, and that is only if you are taking excessive amounts of nicotine. Ensure that you handle and store the e-liquid at a safe place which is away from children.

Champix and Varenicline Makes a Person Depressed

- Reality:

- There is no full-proof evidence that can showcase the use of Champix increases the risk of depression. But, we can surely assure you that it is extremely safe and effective for people suffering from mental health problems. Research has proven that 60% of people using Champix 1mg were successfully in curbing their smoking habit for at least a month.

- Always remember, irrespective of the stop smoking treatment taken, once a person stops smoking, one of the most likely side effects experienced will be low mood. So, in case, you have a history of depression or other mental illness, talk with your doctor or NHS stop smoking advisor before starting the treatment. Also check your mood before you quit smoking. If there are any changes in your behavior notify the doctor on an immediate basis.

- It is Very Expensive to Conduct Nicotine Replacement Therapy Reality

- Reality:

- It is possible to get NRT or Champix either free of cost or for the price of a prescription from your local NHS Stop Smoking Service or your general practitioner. In case you have to pay for your NRT, remember that this cost will be quite less than the amount of buying cigarettes. You will be able to save a lot of amount in the long term. It has been researched and found that an average smoker can save a maximum of 3,000 pounds on an yearly basis by quitting smoking habit.
The most preferred way to quit smoking is e-cigarettes. While it is not possible to get these through the NHS, most smokers can switch from tobacco to e-Cigarettes and save a lot of money.

Vaping is Equally Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes

- Reality:

- This is the wrong perception. You might be surprised to know that tobacco consists of more than 7,000 chemicals out of those more than 70 are known as carcinogens. Smoking is estimated to kill 50% of all long-term smokers. While e-Cigarettes do not consist of two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke - tar or carbon monoxide. There are certain chemicals which are present in e-cigarettes that are also found in tobacco smoke. But, they are at a minimal level.

- Also, research has proven that vaping has quite a lower risk proportion than smoking. Hence, switching completely from smoking to vaping can have quite a few health benefits. A common consensus amongst reputed health bodies is that e-cigarettes assist smokers in quitting cigarettes.

Stop Smoking Treatments are Not Recommended for Pregnant Women

- Reality:

- In case you are pregnant, it is best to quit smoking as soon as possible. The reason being, it can harm the health of you and your baby. Speak with your stop smoking advisor about the treatment options. Although it is not advisable to use prescription tablets like Zyban and Champix during pregnancy, you can try NRT products like gum, micro tabs, nasal sprays, the inhalator, patches, and lozenges to quit the craving for smoking.
Licensed NRT medicines should be your first option, especially if you are a pregnant smoker trying to quit. Even e-Cigarettes can assist you to stop smoking and remain smokefree. This way, it will keep you and your baby safe instead of continuing smoking.

NRT cannot be used if a Smoker Has Suffered from a Heart Attack in the Past

- Reality:

- Research has shown that NRT is safe for most of the people who are suffering from heart disease. But, since nicotine increases the heart rate and blood pressure, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before trying any nicotine replacement products. This is especially true if you have suffered from a heart attack in the past. It can even be a useful option to consult your doctor if you have severe heart problems like irregular or rapid heartbeat or chest pain.

Nicotine Replacement Products are as Addictive as Smoking

- Reality:

- it has been observed that most people who use NRT products do not become habituated to it. The biggest problem with this treatment is most people do not use it for a prolonged period. It is exceptionally vital for you to continue with a nicotine replacement product as long as you need to stop from going back to smoking.
Most of the ex-smokers can come out of the effect of NRT after a recommended 12-week course. But, for those, who use it for prolonged periods, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) observes that prolonged use of nicotine consisting products can have a quite less harmful effect than smoking.

e-Cigarettes Do Not Assist in Quitting Smoking

- Reality:

- Although e-cigarettes are not available on the NHS, research shows that it is quite a good option that assists smokers to quit cigarettes. It has been estimated that to date, approximately 3 million smokers have used e-cigarettes, and nearly 50% are smoke-free. The surprising fact is, it is contributing to a minimum of 22,000 additional quitters every year.

- Concluding Thoughts

- These are some of the myths associated with stop smoking treatments, along with the realities associated with them. As with any stop smoking treatment, users can achieve higher rates of success if they combine products like Champix with behavioral support from a trained stop smoking advisor.

- It is important to note that stop smoking treatments can be extremely useful in overcoming the craving of smokers. But, the entire onus falls on the people whether they wish to stop smoking or not.

- For best results, it is recommended to consult with your doctor or general practitioner and ensure that you are prepared for some uneasy period once you quit smoking. This way, you will be able to quit smoking as time goes by, leading to a healthy and prosperous life. So, are you ready to take these stop smoking treatments to stop the bad habit of cigarette smoking?
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