More and more employers are finding chair massage to be increasingly popular. Not only does chair massage in Auckland refreshes, relaxes and energises employees but also leaves them productive and motivated in their work. So let’s, get on with this phenomenon and find out the reasons for its popularity.
Something about chair massage

In this sort of massage, the focus is predominantly on the shoulder, back and neck while the individual remains seated in a special massage chair. Compared to regular massages, this is a short treatment which spans for about 5-30 minutes. The pressure applied can be adjusted according to the preference of the client and can be tailored to your needs.

The mobile nature of this therapy is what fascinates people the most as the massage chairs are portable and can be quickly set up by the therapist anywhere they like, requiring no additional equipment. These chairs are designed in a manner which is comfortable and relaxes the body while the massage is performed. Since this kind of massage is done over clothes, it can be done anywhere in the office. These are the factors which make chair massage an attractive proposition for employers.

How is it practised?

• First and foremost, the employers will contract the services of a massage therapist.

• The therapists will come to your office and set up the massage chair in the designated area.

• Since this sort of therapy does not require the need of a private room, it can be conducted in the boardroom, workstation or any place one likes.

• Usually, the therapists will schedule appointments during office breaks.

• The special chair allows the therapists to work on some of the specific problems which most employees suffer from these days.

•No oil is used for chair massage

What are the benefits?

These days, more and more employers are implementing chair massage in the employee wellness programs. With anxiety or stress so prevalent today, employers have recognised that healthy employees often translates into increased competitiveness.

If you are an employer, the benefits of chair massage in Auckland from your perspective are:-

• Motivates employees to return to work

• Enhanced productivity of employees

• Increased retention and staff loyalty

• Reduces absenteeism of employees to a large extent.

From an employee’s perspective, there are also several benefits. Some of them are:-

• Greatly helps in balancing stress

• Reduces tension and anxiety

•Restores a feeling of well-being and a calm mind

• Reduces the effects of repetitive works and prolonged sitting positions.

Why implement a massage program at the workplace?

We all know that workplace is one of the biggest contributors to stress and it accounts for nearly one-thirds of new instances of illness. The fact that more and more employers can understand that a stressful work environment is an unproductive work environment proves that it’s only a matter of sense to employ relaxation massage in Auckland for the employees.

The only thing everyone should be cautious about is whether or not they are getting the right therapist or not.

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