By the time I reached my 20s, I’d been suffering from chronic anxiety for so long that I had no idea there was another way to live. I didn't know that constant anxiety wasn’t normal. It was just what reality was like for me.

It took a lot of work, but now that ball of anxiety that once devoured me from within is almost all gone. Here’s how I did it.

#My backstory.

As I've said, my anxiety goes back as far as I can remember. I didn't feel bad every day, thankfully; but it was routine.

Sometimes anxiety would emerge around a trigger. A big event coming up, for example, or a school presentation. Maybe a fight with my parents. That was the most common cause of anxiety for me.

But then sometimes I’d just be anxious about life, with no specific cause. I used to spend hours in my bed staring at the ceiling, wondering about the nature of existence with anxiety gnawing in my gut.

I don’t know how anxiety goes for you. I haven't read a lot about other people’s subjective experiences with the feeling. For me it's always the sensation of something gnawing or burning in my gut, and having my thoughts turn dark or foggy.

Anyway, I started reading a lot, looking for existential answers in books and religion. I figured if I had the answers, my mind would calm down, you know? I also started self-medicating with lots of gaming. Fast-paced games worked really well to take the edge off my anxiety — racing games and rhythm games were my favorites on bad days.

#The change.

It took me dating a girl who suffered from severe anxiety for me to realize that my condition wasn’t normal and that I could get some help. I mean, I didn’t need help, not really. I was so used to the way my body behaved that it didn’t bother me. I was perfectly functional living with anxiety, it just wasn't pleasant.

She recommended her therapist to me. I don’t like therapists, I’ve had my own bad experiences with them, and I certainly don’t like being put on prescription medications. So I turned to google instead, looking for natural treatments and solutions, stuff I could start doing right away.

That’s when I ran into CBD and I liked the idea of it. I mean, I don't like the idea of depending on chemicals as a clutch long term under any circumstances, but I figured I’d try CBD for a while just to see what being anxiety-free felt like, then I’d figure out a way to get there without help. So I started taking some CBD products I bought from Cibdol.

#The results.

The results were amazing. I started with a small dose, which meant I didn’t feel good right away, but I kept taking CBD regularly until I woke up one day felt different. My mind was calmer than it had ever been. I got through a whole day without feeling deeply anxious about anything.

I still got worried. That’s the thing. I wasn’t drugged into apathy. It’s just that my worries came in a less stressful way, my anxiety went from burning flame to a mild candle. I found myself able to consider my problems with calm, without the artificial sense of urgency that my anxiety applied to everything. CBD helped me think more clearly about things.

As of now, I’m still taking products with CBD oil. I put some drops in my water three times a day and I increased the dose since my initial results. Will I use them forever? I’m not sure. But for now, I’m happy with the results.

Things are good.

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