Home burglaries or intruder break-ins have become common instances nowadays which is why, having a highly functional security system is elemental for strengthening home security. Apart from helping you to monitor the whereabouts of your property 24/7, it also allow you to avail the lucrative discounts offered by insurance companies as well. Want to know how? Go through this article to know how installing advanced home security systems with the help of a security system installer can help you attain the benefit of lowering your home insurance premium.

How much you can save on insurance premiums

The considerable amount you can ideally save on your insurance premium is based on the kind of alarm being installed in the home. You can mostly expect around 20% savings which, may even increase with time. One of the best ways to avail the highest discount is to have a security system with centralised monitoring. Additionally, you should have sensor locks on your door and windows for preventing any kind of sudden break-ins by intruders.

How to strengthen your home security infrastructure

Having a basic home security system isn’t just enough. So you should always try to increase the layer of protection for your home to avail higher discounts. So by integrating the security system with central monitoring, you’re surely to get more discounts. Moreover, by adding the feature of fire protection such as monitored smoke alarms, the rate of discount on your insurance premiums is going to add further. Doing so will help you ensure much-needed protection for your home against a fire outbreak. Adding a sprinkler system along with it will further increase the amount of possible discounts.

Another way to strengthen the security layer of your home is to install a Carbon Monoxide detector. Last but not the least, having busted pipes integrated to your home security infrastructure will help you further get larger discounts as well. All these add-ons to your home security system will greatly help you keep your home as safe and secured as possible thereby, minimising your insurance premiums.

Reduced theft claim quota

With home security systems, you can also minimise the theft claim quota for your home thereby, reducing the insurance rates as well. In fact, if you along with your neighbours install home security systems, the theft quote of your entire area in total is possibly to drop as well. Hence, it will help all the residents of your society to reduce the home insurance premium.

Less chance of a possible hike on premium in the future

By having an automated security system in your home, the probable chances of encountering a drastic hike on insurance premiums will be considerably low. This, in turn, will serve as a benefit for you in keeping your insurance premiums low over a longer period of time.

The final word

Needless to say that there are a wide range of benefits you can avail by installing security systems with the help of a security system installer in your home. However, when considering the financial savings, attractive discounts on home insurance premiums is one of the most lucrative ones indeed. So just seek consultation of professionals to know about the different types of security systems you can avail by installing them.

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The author is a professional security system installer in Australia who has a great level of experience in installing different types of home security systems. With his profound industrial knowledge, he likes to write blogs and articles on various relevant topics as well.