Holi is a festival to share love and happiness through the splash of colors. This year, this festival will be held on March 28 and 29. However, the risk of coronavirus in the other way is also. Once again, this virus has started to take over people. In such a situation, you should take more precautions respecting your safety in a happy atmosphere at the festival. So that your Holi is filled with happiness and you will also avoid its contagion. In this situation, some precautions are necessary. Let's know some tips with which you can make your Holi safe in these Covid situations.

Avoid Hugging And Shaking Hands.

Don't put your hands on your eyes, ears, and nose. Also, take care of cleanliness. Also, avoid hugging and shaking hands. You can stay safe with these methods.

Avoid Outdoor Eating.

Many times we eat anything at the time of the Holi gathering with friends and family. They don't wash their hands and, with their colored hands, they pick up any food and put it in their mouths. But it should be avoided. Carry a sanitizer with you while playing Holi, so you can use it when needed. If necessary, continue using the disinfectant.

Avoiding The Crowd Is Important.

The Holi festival is a festival of joy. On this occasion, people join groups and enjoy this festival of colors with friends and family. But given the threat of the coronavirus, play Holi by forming a group of fewer people. Avoid playing Holi with more people.

Using Herbal Colorants Is Better

In Holi, you can play Holi by making herbal colors at home. But if you don't want to work hard, buy herbal dyes and gulal from the market. If you use color or gulal from an Indian brand, it will be better.

Masks Are Very Important

While playing colors in Holi, don't forget to put glasses on your eyes. This will not only protect your eyes from color, but it will also protect you from any kind of infection. At the same time, wear masks when you go to people's houses at the Holi gathering. Take full care of your safety.

Here Are Some Safety Tips For Playing Holi Safely And Healthy.

1. Hair Care

Haircare is very important before playing Holi. Put a sufficient amount of oil on the scalp so that the scalp absorbs the oil well and the color does not settle on your scalp.
Tie your hair up, make buns or plaids instead of keeping them open.
You can cover your hair with a scarf.
Do not wait for the hair to dry as the color will settle on your scalp after drying; wash your hair only in a wet state. You can use a chemical-free shampoo with the addition of lemon juice as it will work as a hair conditioner.

2. Skin Care

Like your hair, apply oil or moisturizer to your skin so the color does not settle on your skin.
Cover your skin as much as possible; wear full sleeves instead of sleeveless or half sleeves.
Trim your nails and apply a coat of nail paint to protect them from color.
The sunglasses will protect your eyes and nearby skin along with an elegant Holi style.
Put some cotton in your ears to prevent color from entering.
Do not move your skin while removing the colors.
You can use chickpea flour, wheat flour, rose water instead of soap, and face wash to remove the colors.
Keep your mouth tightly closed when someone applies color to your face so that the color does not get into your mouth.
Moisturize your skin after bathing.

3. General Precautions Taking Into Account Covid-19

Try to make sure that no one in the coming group shows signs of a cough, cold, or fever.
Wash your hands well before eating.
Keep a wide distance between the play area and food.
Play with dry-colored Gulal, as cold water will increase your chances of getting the seasonal flu.
Keep your body hydrated.
Keep a first aid kit ready for emergencies.
Instead of using chemical colors, go green.

Holi is a fun-loving festival, where people come in groups and play with colors. You can also use digital to wish friends and family. You can also hire a digital marketing company for your Business ad in these holi to help you in every way to make posters, ad. The most important thing is that Some people also take advantage by touching you in your private part. Don't let anyone hassle you in the name of the celebration. If you have children, don't let your children play Holi unsupervised. Also, it is better to use Pickari instead of plain water to save water.

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