Paediatric nurses offer special nursing care for children. As a paediatric nurse, your job is to assist the paediatricians or other medical practitioners in observation, diagnosis, testing, and treatment of children. This means you will be working on a full cycle of paediatric healthcare. Finding a Paediatric nursing job in the UK is all about having the right skills. With this, the search process becomes very simple.

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Educational Requirements

Firstly, you need to check if you have the right educational requirements for the job. You can enter paediatric nursing through an apprenticeship or a university programme. If you are opting for a university course, ensure that it is recognized by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Sometimes, you may jump to the second year of the course directly when you are qualified in other related subjects like psychology, life sciences, social work or other health-related subjects.

Entry requirements for these courses include:

5GCSEs at grades 9 to 4, including math, English, and science.
2 to 3 A levels that include science, or level 3 diploma or higher education in nursing, health or science.

You may even choose a degree apprenticeship for qualifying as a paediatric nurse. It generally takes about 4 years to complete. It is a mix of practical training and academic studies. However, you may need support from the best nursing agencies to take this path.

Key Skills For Paediatric Nurses

Do you have relevant skills for a paediatric nurse? Children often do not communicate very well about their health concerns. As a paediatric nurse, you need acute observation powers and be highly responsive in case of emergencies. You also need to have excellent sensitive communication skills and help the child during a stressful or distressing situation. The work is emotionally and physically demanding. So, resilience and stamina are also needed.

Salary And Benefits

A paediatric nurse is paid as per the NHS wage policies. On average, new entrants are paid anywhere between £21,000 per annum. Experienced paediatric nurses may expect an annual pay of £26,000 to £41,000. You can contact some of the best nursing agencies for better pay rates. Check if their rates align with your interests. Work on the benefits you are likely to receive. If you think that your potential employer is offering you a fair deal, then you can go ahead and accept your offer.

Working Hours

As a paediatric nurse, you are expected to be flexible with your time schedule. Working hours tend to get long, unsociable and irregular. Although most shifts are planned, there can be emergency adjustments that you need to cope up with. This is especially true when there is a staff shortage or in accident services. Check if you can accommodate this pattern in your work life. Ponder on the pros and cons. Think about how your personal life will be influenced by this pattern of working.

Your Daily Line Of Work

Paediatric nurses work with doctors in assessing the needs of injured and ill children. You will have to make decisions on the type of treatment to be administrated. Consoling parents or caregivers about having a child in the hospital, teaching them how to care for their kid at home are some of the additional responsibilities you may have to take on. You will also need to understand using high-end medical equipment and work with an array of other people like hospital play specialists and social workers. Think if you are up for this kind of challenge. Try thinking about your strength and weakness. Seek out the job once you are mentally prepared for these tasks.

There are several agencies and websites that offer paediatric nursing jobs in the UK. What’s more important is to analyse whether you have the right qualifications for the job. Once done, all that is required for you is to contact your nearest nursing agency and set out on your first interview.

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