There are, however, some ways to decrease the cost of young driver’s car insurance - some are simple common intellect and some take benefit of new skill.

Choosing your first car carefully will help to keep the cost of insurance down. A less influential model may not be your car of excellent but if you are between 17 and 25 it should be something to consider. Moreover any types of adjustment should be avoided.

Modified car insurance usually costs more whatever your age supports but for young drivers it can be extremely high. An older, less powerful car, with no alterations will offer the most savings likely on your young driver’s car insurance policy.

Comparison shopping is a must for drivers of any age but particularly so for young drivers' car insurance. Each site submits your details to a range of insurers - not all sites compare the same insurers. By checking with several you'll be in a location to get the broadest range of quotes. Comparison sites are great because you'll only need to fill in the information once on each site. Don't overlook, not all insurers use contrasts sites so check those that don't as well to get the best spread of quotes.

Third-party is the basic level of insurance required - but don't make the mistake of assuming it will be the cheapest if you are a young driver. Because of the high risk category of 17 -25 year old drivers, the difference in premium cost between third-party or fully complete can be small or non-existent. If you find a Fully Comprehensive policy that beats third-party it makes sense to choose this option. In addition to insurance cover most fully complete policies have a bundle of extras - including wind shade and break down cover, which can make them the best choice.

Driving safely will help obtain cheap Car insurance for young drivers. Sticking to the rules of the road and evading points and penalties is important in your first year of driving. Points stay on your licence for several years and keep the cost of your insurance high. Some insurance companies are now offering a 'black box recorder' that can be fitted to your car. This monitors speed, breaking and other driving skills - and allows insurance companies to offer rates personalized to your actual driving skills and not just the age range you fall into. Not all companies are contribution this service yet - but it is likely that the popular soon will.

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