Losing your partner at any point in life is one of the most difficult things to cope with. Being a widow isn't easy but it is important to learn how to get your life back to normal and keep track of your finances. One of the most daunting thoughts for a widow is to retire without financial stability.

Here are some resourceful tips that can help you navigate through tough times and retire comfortably.

Postpone Your Social Security Benefits
Collecting your social security and retiring from work are two major signs of becoming a senior citizen. While you can start collecting your social security from the age of 62 with monthly benefits, it’s smarter to wait it out a little longer and start withdrawing once you cross the age of 65. This is because the few years in between can help you get up to 30% higher on your social security, which will help you retire comfortably.

Withdraw Your Social Security Claim, If You File One
If you have already filed for your social security within the last 12 months, there’s no reason to fret. You can simply withdraw that claim and increase the tenure. You however need to remember when you choose to withdraw your claim, you have to return the claim along with all the benefits received. The good thing about this is you will get better benefits the next time around.

Social Security Survivor Benefits
It’s common for spouses to list each other as nominees for social security benefits. If your partner did the same, you will receive better benefits than what your partner would have received. You can also choose to invest the amount you receive for a better retirement.

Reverse Mortgage
With a reverse mortgage, seniors can tap into their home equity and receive a line of credit or lump cash sum. A retired homeowner isn't required to make monthly payments. Instead, the loan is paid back when the homeowner moves out, sells the home, or dies. Seniors should consider how important their SSI is as this loan may disqualify them from receiving such benefits.

Lower Your Cost Of Living
Your social security benefits tend to benefit you better when you cut down your expenses. If you live alone, you may want to downsize so you can save the extra money for retirement. In case you dread living alone, you can always check retirement facilities that offer good deals and also provide company so you don't feel lonely after the loss of your partner.

Pay Off All Debt
It might get difficult being the only member of the family, especially after the loss of your partner. Always check their life insurance policy, pension plan, and social security amount and use it towards any debt or mortgage you have before you retire. The more your liabilities, the more your expenses.

Indulge In Senior Citizen Activities
Being retired means having a lot of spare time in hand. This can often tempt you to splurge extra on yourself from time to time. When thoughts like these cross your mind, you can choose to do something fun and economical too.

Bingo games, visits to the museum, or even a surprise visit to your children and grandchildren are great ways to keep yourself entertained without overspending. While this may not compensate for the loss of your partner, it will help you lead a comfortable retirement life without having to depend on anyone for assistance, especially financially.

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